[The Division] Strats clan



Steam: authaeros (display name is Auth_Strats)
uPlay: AuthAeros



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Hey @ducksauce88. BLCK_PWR_R4NG3R here. Not sure how this works. Never been in a clan. I live in Virginia and not sure about the time difference. I am adding you to PSN as I type. If you may, fill me in with any info you have about devising you clan. Thanks man.


Well we don’t really know if there is a clan system in place, but if you scroll to the top of this post, you will see all of the psn names you can send friend requests too. I suggest putting “strats” in the friend request so people know you are from the forums.


Hey there I’d like to join the clan/guild on PC. I’ll be buying the game through amazon.
My UPLAY ign is Dadspikable.

Here’s an introduction of myself


PSN= kubewm

Looking forward to this game and squading up


welcome! I just sent you a friend request. Forgot to put “strats” in it so you know who i am :smile:


I’d like in for PS4.



Never got your friend request, did you open it up so others can send you friend requests?


Hello all, I’ve been actively looking for a good clan to join to play with when The Division launches. This seems like a very professional looking clan and I’m very impressed. However, I’m noticing a lack of structure within The Division sector of the clan. I may just have missed something, as I’m not entirely used to this type of forum, so if you have established structure and how the clan will be run, please point me to that thread. If not, is it something that is in the works, because as of now it all seems a bit messy.

“I will be drawing up our game plan with a focus on teamwork in the following days and weeks until release.”

I did take not of this statement, but can you elaborate on that if possible.

Thank you.


I’m rather new here, but seeing as how it was/is just the beta, people were getting a feel for the different play style which suited them within the game. Obviously with most of the skills locked it was hard to focus on a specific game plan because everyone had only 4 options and I didn’t fully figure out the build I wanted until the 3 rd day. Everyone seemed to be focused on just trying to have a good time and soaking the limited amount of the game in. When it gets closer to release I’m sure we will get together and see if we can devise a proper battle plan with the larger group that we have here. It’s a bunch of different people with different playing styles and we will have to strategize on the fly. I’m personally looking forward to it.

Also, what device are you playing on and what’s the gamer tag?


Okay so I’m going to shoot out some xbox friend request since I haven’t gotten any from anybody. I’m on California time so if it’s late I don’t mic up cause my kids are asleep and my volume control is terrible my wife always tells me I talk to loud so I will just message you. During the day and afternoon I’ll be mic’d up and verbally communicate just fine.



PS4 - BonzOmega


I would love to be apart of this group for the Xbox One. Add me up stotman47. Still new to this so message me with any questions or actions that I need to do.


At the moment we’ve established the initial officerships for all platforms (the OP probably needs to reflect the selections to avoid any confusion and let people know who they can turn to, @Droul), but Ubisoft has kept the clan structure/functionality under wraps and isn’t telling anyone anything. Rest assured we’ll continue to develop and evolve based on the needs of the various branches and the available tools/systems we’re given in game :wink:



Stats.co is always looking for ways to improve this awesome community. Please take a look at Vestige.

Once the inial platform is running, we will have a MAIN structure within Strats.co to manage Guilds/Clans :wink:


@Roteek in addition to what Auth said; using StratsCo, gives us a slight advantage in organization with discord and mumble. Discord allows us to keep in contact across all 3 platforms pretty much where ever we are. It will be easier to coordinate group events or get help if you need it. Until Ubisoft announces official clan support we will have to rely on the tools already available within Strats.

We aren’t planning any sort of ranking system if that’s what you’re concerned about. There is leadership to ensure everyone has a good time playing the game and to help coordinate all 3 platforms as events are available and planned, and address any issues that may arise.

We really are focused on having a good time.


@Roteek Thank you for joining, we are always looking for great people to play with. As for your concerns @auth and @epyon415 and @xXSeoulCrusherXx summed it up pretty well. Ubisoft has been very tight lipped with their clan funcionality in game and as such we are kind of just in a holding pattern. I will update the original post to show platform leadership roles so you know who to go to for your console of choice. In short i am the clan leader and will oversee all aspects of the clan, i will also run the day to day needs of the clan on the PC side of the game. @epyon415 has a dual role as PS4/Xbox1 lead and @ducksauce88 is helping with the PS4. Once we get more information as to what clans can actually do in game we will for sure let the community know. If you have any more concerns please feel free to ask…we are always glad to help out and provide you with an answer!!


@xXSeoulCrusherXx @Auth @xploz1on @epyon415 @Droul -

Thank you all for the quick replies, you’ve more than satisfied my concerns. I am very excited for The Division and would love to join Strats.Co!

Are there any clan policies?

I have both consoles PS4/XBONE, but will be playing The Division on my PS4.

PSN: Roteek
Gamertag: Roteeek (I will occasionally get on to play Halo 5)

@xploz1on Thank you, I’ll make sure to keep an eye on the Vestige project.


Current “policies” are in the first post. Essentially don’t be a dbag to solo players who aren’t causing you trouble. Don’t attack fellow clans members. Have fun!

Play whatever platform you want :smile: