[The Division] Strats clan



Yo id like to join because the more people you have on your side in the darkzone the better haha. I preordered the Gold edition on xbox one and would love to join the ranks. Gamertag : Riskymuffinator
If you want to add me all you xbox one owners just add me. I also play siege a lot as well.


What about Darkzone area? I heard people love to go rouge in there! Cause in Darkzone everyman for them self!


yup, whether its for your loot, to gain xp, or just be a D. Plenty of rogue action going on. What is nice however is people don’t have a high tolerance and most rogues get chased and gunned down by the community.


I added the listed PC members to my Uplay Friends list.

I am not sure how I feel about adding “Asspotato” as a friend. Feel kinda violated lol.


Hell yeah darkzone here i come
FOR Strats


idk why but when i read this i wanted to go “STRATS HOOOOO” like thundercats. I think I might do this from now on.


STRATS HOOOOOOOOOO!!! is our new battle cry:laughing:


All in favor?






Formally adding my name since I finally pre-ordered:

Uplay: GuardianX99
Steam: GuardianX99

See you folks in beta and release!


@droul adding ping for visibility
Uplay: Dadspikable


Updated OP with all platform id’s and listed officers for all platforms…if anyone needs anything please feel free to ask away and we will help you out!! :smile:


will you add me on PC list please and thanks.


You should tag someone like so @droul


@Droul Feel free to add me for the PC ID’s

Steam: Red / RedBeerde / http://steamcommunity.com/id/redbeerde
uPlay: RedBeerde

xbone: Red Beerde


glint_eastwood here on PS4 cant wait for this

Ayyy, Skullflower here <3

XB1: DoomDeviceNoLov

Steam: GhostRonin

I’m excited for the teamwork element of this game. :grin:


PS4 Here

My PSN is SkullflowerMcGee <3


Just picked up an XBOX ONE will be playing the beta XBL: Tarome is TUF