[The Division] Strats clan



I would like to join ! i’ve been looking for an Active Division Community for me to stream and create youtube vids with people. If I could id like to be added to the clan. I play on PS4 and my PSN is robwombat


Xbox one Ky1oRyan


Open Beta Weekend is upon us!

We have some of the PC players leveled and geared up, ready to group up help out. The Dark Zone can be a madhouse, and a few shepherds to keep the wolves at bay could be useful.

Newbies and Veterans of The Division, if you’re playing on PC or looking for someone to group with, hop on mumble/discord and hit us up. Feel free to Add me on uPlay as well. RedBeerde

See you out there, Agents


Ended up getting it for PC



I will be buying it for pc as well as ps4.

Uplay: ducksauce88




Definitely looking for Dark Zone backup. The last day of the open beta was a nightmare.

PSN: NaelcmDSP


Shit I’m gonna have to get around to adding more of you pc guys.


PC - Uplay and Steam are both: resademilo


I would like to join my GT on the One is THE BushW00ki


I’m on the xbox one my GT is THE BushW00ki those are zeros btw… Already pre-orderd it


I would like in for the PS4 group. My friend, Longrifle7, is already a member and he can vouch that while not an uber, 1337, pro, tacti-cool operator, I can hold my own. Lol.


Oh yeah, I durped, my PSN is fanchisimo, same as my tag on here.


he’s alright. he gets more precision kills than me.


Can you also add me to the PC list? Uplay is: DanceBrgrDance


PSN Id: Breagon1985


PSN: Biohazard_56-


haloxdragoon ps4 and pc


@breagon1985 @biohazard56 @Seth_Mccrea I sent you a friend request, after you added me just send me a message on psn and I will add you to our group chat.


my gamer tag is haloxdragoon