[The Division] Strats clan



Can’t find your psn if typed in exactly as you gave it. I found a biohazard_56, is that you?


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The Division Gold Edition PC - Digital Edition 30% off

Add me up. I’m in for Division.
uplay Skantzo


oh my bad it’s biohazard-56_
Why not try that one as i made of made a mistake with the hyphen and the underscore


I got you added @Skantzo


hi i will like a clan inv. i will be play division on ps4…


Is your psn the same as your strats name?


I’ll see you guys on the 8th. PS4: ohnokenzilla.


I am so STOKED that you got it Ken…totally awesome :smile:


The wife was like “You’ve been playing on your laptop a lot lately, can’t you go play with your boyfriends?” Well, don’t gotta tell me twice!


no my psn is letsgosleepy


Checking in~! I won’t be able to start till mid next week due to work but I got the gold pre-order through Amazon. Looking forward to playin with yinz.



What platform @Rellek?


I’ll be on ps4


If its cool with you guys i woudnt mind squading up with you! PSN: Solid_Jake35



Hell yeah dude i appreciate it!!!


Ready to go!

Uplay: veritas732


Soo I finally got to preorder, sign me up:

Uplay: Kellock1993


I would love to join the clan! My PSN is Th3Ocho87 Thanks!