[The Division] Strats clan



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I am getting more and more pumped for this game. Again I’ll say if you see me online playing anything hit me up. (side note: My wife likes to leave me system on all day while watching t.v. so if I don’t reply just send a message.)


Hello, was told to come here and give you guys my information. Steam is Owen Morlun and Uplay is OwenMorlun without a space. Hope that helps! Let me know if you need anything else!



Hey guys, I had to make a new PSN account so my new account will be Roteak. Can you remove Roteek from the list and add my new one please? Also, please send me a group chat invite to my new ID.


Friend request sent. Send me a message once you accept and I’ll ad you to the group chat again.


Hi all. Looking forward to playing with people on both PS4 and PC. My PSN is Kazide and my steam ID is Kazide. Not sure if it is needed but my Uplay is Kazide1977 (at least I think it is!)


Why you had to change PSN?


@Kazide I got you added to my PC Friends List.


Welcome @Kazide dont forget to post an introduction Here


Hey guys! Just joined the community and made a small introduction at the intro section. I’ll be playing on PC and got the pre-order set. Uplay ID is sankasto (steam ID is sankara). Looking forward!


Hey all. I’ll be a day or so behind most of you. Dinner plans tomorrow, so I won’t be on til Wednesday.

Have fun!


PSN : oNslaughtSmG-

Don’t forget the -


@Droul I thought I responded to this awhile back…

PC - Ausylon


My UPlay ID (PC) for Division is “Nhalour”


WB big guy :wink:


I would be interested in joining the clan, but I do not own the Division.


Would love to be added to the PC clan. In game name is JakobMarley.

Sadly, I made a throwaway Uplay account years ago and don’t feel like restarting the game. I am currently level 15, DZ 10.

Hello from Dallas

Will you be getting it?


Please add me to the list. PSN: jstjohn83 Thanks!


PS4 here, please add me to the list as well. BigMeeks52.