The Division - StratsCO Mayhem!



Hey everyone, i have put together a video featuring some fun times that some of us at StratCO had in The Division Dark Zone! I hope yo enjoy the Video!

Featuring the Sliding man!! @broadreach @Ch3cikm8 @cul-tex

Discord Channel Structure or Should The Division Get a Separate Channel

Great grenade toss around 3:20. :boom:


Such a great time. You should have included that first or second time we went rogue that day with the sticky bomb grenade combo that downed 6 people when the extraction line came down. That was nuts.


I know man!! I was looking for that video but looks like i didnt save it :frowning: it was epic!!

How you like that sliding man? hahaha @broadreach


Hahah ya that was awesome. I’ll need to look on mine for the mass killing at extraction


“Welp, we ran out of rouges to shoot; guess that makes us the rouges.”


Exactly! Kill em all. Rogue’s first, followed shortly by everyone else!


I love these videos! Can watch this sh*t all day! Here are a couple more


i love it haha, especially when they all tried to kill us at cleaners lmao haha , we had snipers up high and players down low too they could not escape lol


What do you do when you’ve acquired all the loot and all the sweet fashion? Kill everybody! Such good times!


Yup… Everyone playing with me knew… Kill on sight!!! Fuck them all…

@Auth Something i wanted was audio from all sources… But no one but me allowed voice audio to be recorded on PS4… You have to hear it man… freaking Epic!

@cul-tex damn right man…