The Division Update 5-24-16



New update rolls out today…hoping for good things…


It’s been so long since I played. I think I forgot how


FYI, The Division is fun again


I was just thinking about you today…we need to get back in there…hit me up… @ducksauce88 deleted his he had downloaded…I think @xploz1on still has his on his HD…but I have been listening to a podcast called Rouge Agent Radio…put the fire inside me again…I’m willing to jump in again until I RAGE QUIT again…LOL!!


Will try to play tonight…


no worries @xploz1on you have a valid excuse my man handle your s**t


I’ll be on the next couple of nights and also this weekend


I too will be on…gonna try to tell the old lady i caught what she had so I have zero responsibility this weekend…aside from a ruck march…


I’ll be on for sure. I know I’ve got tex on my friends list, if you’re not on there, add me: XtasyArmada (PS4)




Accepted. As well as everyone else on the PSN Master List. Not sure how I totally missed that thread.


they just threw it up not long ago


I will add here and I’m sure @cul-tex would agree, the Search and Destroy missions are fast and easy, but the HVT missions are actually pretty intense. I would advise being prepared for a challenge if you plan to solo them. The Weekly HVT’s give set pieces though, so that’s pretty cool. Looking forward to crushing some of these this weekend with you guys.


Yeah i got a good jump on the HVT’s i think I’m finished with them and we were banging out the daily’s with ease…I rarely solo anything…i get separation anxiety…lol


My gear score is still rather low (184). We tried one of the more difficult weeklies and both of us managed to die. We did one of the more difficult dailies and nearly finished it, but died from a bug (i think). Then we did one of the lower dailies and finished it with ease. The bug was the dude shot a sticky bomb at us or something, neither of us showed red, and then we both died. I’ll chalk it up to my gear score dooming us. haha


We will get you fitted into something good…i came up rather quickly…i was around a 189 or so but shot up quick… @xploz1on @ducksauce88 @cul-tex @BonzOmega tonight cant come soon enough…I love that the fire is back for me with Division…


@F4SPIKE Here are pretty much the most active players for The Division. :wink: