The Divison DLC - 30 days XB1 exclusive


Taking this with a grain of salt, but if true, i suspect this could wrinkle the possibility of raids. Can’t imagine Massive would be ok with a fragment of this scale especially if it has a direct impact on the story experience.

Until Massivr/Ubisoft confirms I’m gonna assume its gamestop hearsay.

Off topic: why does xbox pr still make it feel like the “bro” console :confused:


Idk, I’ve heard that the raids may be available within 2 weeks of the release date. This of course coming from the now deleted reddit thread which gave a Massive developers name who was touring Mojangs facility. But at this point who knows. This could simply mean that Xbox could get the dlc/expansion pack a month earlier but that could be separate from raids and free dlc and content they intend on implementing after the games launch.


I thought the guy on the far right was Steve Urkel…

I’m sure this will happen, but that doesn’t really affect other platforms AND they left out the mentioning of PC.

Honestly, I’m tired of the whole “timed exclusivity” with games and released content for them…


If it is 30 days that isn’t too bad. Now if it were 6+ months then I would have swung over to the Xbox side. Let the Xbox users sort out the bugs for us :sunglasses::smirk::smirk:

But your right until it has been confirmed this could be all hearsay.


I’m late to the party and just found out about this. I feel like these timed exclusives are just bad for the industry. Is anyone really changing their pre orders or buying xbox’s just to get this shit 30 days early? Anyway, this doesn’t phase me at all and I wouldn’t dare cancel my PS4 and PC pre orders to play on the xbox. They might get it 30 days early…but they won’t even be pushing 30 frames per second :wink: