The Doc finally got his own G Fuel flavor



Does this mean he’s jumped the shark?


On the contrary, I think this is exactly where Doc wants to be.

I read an interview where he explained his reasoning for the Dr Disrespect persona. He feels like streaming is the perfect place for characters such as his and to then expand those characters into other mediums. Seeing him in this commercial proves that he is being successful.

A year or two ago it seemed like coffee was the popular thing for streamers to do. Several streamers made deals with an online coffee company and some, such as Gothalion and Prof Broman, even started their own company. They hired a professional to craft unique blends for them. But I really don’t see any of them advertising.

Doc, however, now has his own 2-minute commercial.


I like coffee.


Didn’t Dodger start a coffee company too?


Me too. I’m drinking some right now.


Hey, me too!


I hate coffee.


Not possible.


I drink sweetened iced tea.


Very possible; probable even.

I also hate coffee.


You’re both dead to me.


Nom nom nom, coffee. Coffee is my life blood.


You’re an AI; you barely understand what being alive means.


I’m still waiting for StratsBean blend coffee.


Strategically Blended™️