The Elder Scrolls: Oblivion Stream


For those who don’t know I’m currently streaming Oblivion every Tuesday and today will be my third session, I plan to start around 9:30 PM EST so if you want to pop by and check it out for a bit or you just need a small break from all the big and exciting Heroes of Storm Launch event I would be appreciate it.
My Channel:

You can also check out my previous sessions either on YouTube or Twitch
Session 1-1 Character Creation:
Session 1-2 First Sidequest:
Session 1-3 Second Sidequest:

Session 2:


Awesome! Oblivion is probably my favorite Elder Scrolls game


Yeah its probably my favorite as well, though I haven’t played a lot of Skyrim yet but to compare to that and Morrowwind I just like how Oblivion is setup better personally


I like the Story in Oblivion much better. And I’m also not a big fan of the equipping spells to your hand in order to use them method.