The Enduring, Anxious Appeal of Gray


I wear the same black t-shirt and gray pants every day. Well, not the same ones. Rather, one of many identical gray pants paired with one of many identical monogrammed black t-shirts, custom tailored in Copenhagen.

Why did I choose black and gray for something I was going to wear every day? Seemed very logical to me. Neutral. Unassuming. But maybe there’s an enduring, anxious appeal of gray. Maybe there’s some deeper meaning hidden somewhere.


I don’t think I have ever worn anything custom tailored.


It’s worth it. I just have my pants tailored from the rack but my shirts are hand made from scratch.


I suffer from pretty severe anxiety and maybe it is because I have to balance it with my other issues but I find I tend to do just the opposite; or maybe it is the artist in me. When I go out I often wear bright colors or outfits styled in ways not common to the average person. My anxiety tells me people are already going to be looking at me and judging me anyways - might as well give them something to look at.


I wore white t-shirts and jeans from 7th grade until I joined the army. I was known as the white t-shirt guy. It was cheap and I wasn’t excluded from any clique (except the yuppies). Then I wasn’t allowed to wear just white shirts on post because it’s considered a “gang” sign (not kidding). Once I started living off post though I’ve gone back to it. The only way I’d ever have something tailor made would be if I were in great shape and knew I would be for a while. Nice clothes and tattoos are like putting an expensive paint job on a car: if the car runs like shit and has dents all in it, better to spend your time and money fixing that stuff first.

edit: also, i joined the Army at 22 so I went through college that way too


Former white t-shirt and khaki wearer checking in :wink:


What options do you have for those of us who don’t work for Facebook?

Personally all I use is t-shirts that have been soaked in the Blood of Chinese children, mainly because I don’t work for Facebook. Got to save for that house payment YO.


I wasn’t suggesting that you adopt my uniform.


My military uniform is the only thing I own that’s tailored.


But what if I want to rock a Facebook look on a forklift operator salary?


I’m sure forklift operators could also benefit from reducing cognitive load in their daily lives. Wearing a uniform is cheaper, in the long run.