The Farm Report

So I thought it would be a good idea to have a thread where people can post their preferred method of farming and their results from said farming method. Please farm for an hour exactly so we can have a comparable way of viewing and selecting each method as I will demonstrate below. Also please take any and all results with a grain of salt, your RNG may vary!

Method: Start by selecting the mission The Dark Beyond on the Moon and setting it to level 9, play the mission as you normally would until you reach the part with the dead guardians body, you will now be at a giant door, play the cut scene and wait. Now equip an auto rifle of your choice and a Black Wax Idol and kill everything that comes out of the door, minus the knight. You will either clear everything and will have to wait for the knight to kill you or you will be overwhelmed. Kill yourself or let the environment do it for you rinse and repeat. Apply Black Wax Idol when necessary.

Farming for: Engrams. Also great for Glimmer and Experience.

Class and level: Defender 20

Total kills: 2235

Green items: 42

Blue engrams: 10

Purple engrams: 0

Gold engrams: 0

Glimmer: 10,074, 12,074 after 10 Sliken Codex


Great post! If we get enough raw data I will dump it into a spreadsheet. Let the number crunching begin.

This is great! Maybe add a time to it to make it easier to compile.

I prefer the pleasure cave on earth. I’m at work at the moment and haven’t worked out the exact drop rate but it’s definitely worth your time. It’s in the skywatch area by the hive drop pods

Ran cave multiple times. Usually 30-45mins a piece, Usually I can farm 1-2 Legendary engrama…a run. 4 Legendaies so far but non for my Titan Class.

Can confirm @WrongGear and @Enjoi: there is no better MOB grinder than the “loot cave” on earth (even Forbes wrote an article about it). If you don’t know where it is, ask someone to show you. I like the idea of trying to get some droprate metrics, but I quiver to think how much more efficient the cave is. I’ll try to get a solid hour in an post my results for the sake of science, but I’m confident I know the outcome. For funsies, I’ll even stream it shortly. Check me out on Twitch in about 10 minutes :wink:

Surprisingly, things are fairly similar except for the Glimmer, which is lower in the cave (I suspect because you’re a long distance away) and kill count (which I’m very curious about as there was nearly nonstop killing during my cave run. I’m wondering if your numbers are correct for that stat.) The cave appears to have a slightly-higher droprate based on these VERY small data samples.

For note, I did not use the idols because it’s too easy to forget to use it or not properly maximize their cooldown and thus a really bad item for tracking raw metrics IMO.

Total Kills: 860
Greens: 46
Blue: 12
Grapes: 0 (but 3 dropped while I was out there to other people)
Gold: 0
Glimmer: 3036

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My kill count is as accurate as it gets, straight from the mission stats. Very interesting comparing the two though.

I’ve heard talk (though can’t find any evidence to back it up after a cursory Google search) that drop rates fall off in missions directly proportional to the number of party wipes. That might explain why your kill count is so high compared to mine despite having similar drops. Alternatively, it might only be crediting me with the kills I or my Fireteam made as opposed to total kills made by all the individuals at the cave.

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I stopped by the “Cave” last night for 30 min before I logged off and went to bed. I did not have the brainpower to log my stats, however I did make a Mental note of what I accomplished to share here:

There were three other players farming the cave when I arrived. The first 15 min netted me a handful of blue ingrams (3-5) and no purples.

The second half I made a consolidated effort to make headshots and time my shots to where I was getting a majority of the kills. Increase the blues to 5-8 and picked up 2 legendary! Not sure if it was placebo effect, but felt it was worth sharing.