The first... When you F

Yeah thats right you dirty #basement fucking lover boys and gurls…

What is the first thing when you F ??




same for me at home AND work


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I am quite amused. Apparently pulling up this video the other day was very important to my auto-fill:

Thanks, @Vocino :wink:


Maybe you bookmarket it!

@Vocino boooooooooooooooooo

It is not; I think Strats doesn’t show up because it’s one of my startup pages in Chrome, so I never actually type it in :wink:

Well, at work I have

On my phone which is android and using chrome… so I assume it’s the same at home as they share history, tabs, etc.
That one shows in order

What up

Latest page best page!

Even though that is listed, I know in my heart that first you go to Strats and then click the link on the header. :slight_smile:

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Home and work Laptops are the same for me. Google sync OP!


Nothing hugely exciting I’m afraid :stuck_out_tongue: Couple of client sites and Facebook followed by Fortnite searches



Funny thing is, Facebook is the only social network I’ve ever consistently used for years.

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20 November update:

Considering the forums are one of my 2 startup pages (also reddit), I’m surprised it’s #2, though I do play a bit of Fortnite, I suppose. The collection book reward search was yesterday (actually ran it a couple times because I kept closing the tab before I was done like an idiot), so I guess that’s why it’s up there. Also, no idea why @AiKiller (of all the profiles I go to in my duties) made the list; it’s not the most recent one (by any stretch) and I don’t think I’m stalking him…okay, maybe just a little :stuck_out_tongue_winking_eye:


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Huh interesting list this time