The Flash Extended Trailer


I am so excited for this and I think the special effects are amazing!




Eh, I dunno.

While I am enjoying Arrow (except the sappy relationship bits), Flash seems like it will have to be special effects intensive… and those effects didn’t look that good.

Arrow just needed some effects to make him look like he was actually a good shot and a good fighter.


Whaaat? :open_mouth: You must have high standards for special effects then. While I do agree that the relationships bit are sappy (and facepalm inducing) I’d like to argue that it is necessary for character development. What did you think of the season 2 finale, by the way?


Haven’t watched it yet. Had no time.


Watched it.

Fuuuucking awesome.


Haha yeah it was! I was about to drop it when I was played into thinking that they were going to add Felicity to Oliver’s harem. I totally forgot about cameras.


I remember once I got struck by lightning. It gave me super rocking abs!

I’m excited about this. Not so much the story line but the effects of seeing flash IRL. He was always one of my fav super heroes :smiley:


Heck yeah! The flash is awesome and I’m glad the effects are not cheesey. Yeah I expect the story to have a lot of drama. It is a CW show. :x


You might be too young to remember but there was actually a Flash tv show in the early 90s!