The function of resources in PVP



I , along with some other folks misunderstood the function of resources so I thought I’d share this info.

"How do keep improvements work? Are they visual (bigger walls, towers, etc.) or just an increase to the keep’s stats?

Each resource near a keep controls specific upgrades for it: farms upgrade guards, mines upgrade walls, and lumber mills upgrade the keep’s doors. Walls and doors gain more hit points from these upgrades, while guards get better abilities. There are some visual upgrades: walls receive improvements to their corners and sections near the postern doors. These upgrades occur over time as long as the same alliance owns the resources and the keep. "

You can Resurrect (edit : I was wrong about this) , but not transit to, a keep even if an enemy controls all of the resources. When the keep is flagged as under attack you will be unable to fast travel to the keep, regardless of the status of the resources.


Good info, I always wondered what the three resources meant. I knew controlling them helped when taking over a keep. But it’s interesting to know they never affected players being able to travel.


Holy shit, how did we do all that PVP with a complete misunderstanding of how that worked? Awesome info.


Great info!! Thanks so much for sharing!


If all 3 resources of a keep are taken, the defending faction will not be able to use the transitus shrine to defend, but they are able to resurrect at that until the keep is flagged as under attack. Once the keep is under attack, they can do neither. Has that changed in the recent patches? Because that’s how it had been working.


Yep, I’m wrong. You can resurrect at a keep with all the resources taken, but not transit there from a shrine. I read to much into their descriptions of the functions. Sorry folks.