The future of ArcheAge



So I don’t know how up to date everyone is, but it seems like Trion has made a huge cashgrab by introducing Rumbling Archeum Trees - These have a 10% chance to be thunderstruck. So as you can imagine, hundreds of players have bought and planted these.

Right now the market is super inflated, people of lots of gold, and it looks like there is a lot of pay-to-win going on with Trion and the marketplace.

What are everyone’s thoughts on this? ArcheAge is fun, but I’m worried it’s going to get less enjoyable as these shenanigans continue.


Don’t think the market affects us in any way. If it makes things easier for us so be it. More thunder struck boats more gilda for us more fun


with so much thunderstruck going around, the value will probably go down.
But Trion is getting just how they are in KOR servers, its not even giving a chance to F2P, its about cashing in, pretty soon they’re going to make the game inaccessible either by logging countless hours or by cash shop advantages. But they need to overlook the aspect of cash grabbing and try to balance out F2P v P2W/P2P.


if its going in the same direction as the korean servers its gonna die out. the korean servers almost has no one playing on them because of poor management and bots.


I was worried from go this might be a problem; it’s actually the main reason I personally steered clear. You even alluded to this imbalance a while ago:

I guess you’re seeing further-reaching ramifications in-game than just P2P>F2P now.


I don’t see pay to win here. It doesn’t give any advantages in combat.


Pay-to-win goes further than just combat. If there is a process to afford economical/trade advantage or any other manner of otherwise-unobtainable gameplay boon through microtransactions, it’s pay-to-win.

Simple example:

  • More money/labor = better gear with less time investment


  • 2 players with equal time/gameplay investment but with only 1 able to take advantage of microtransactions for additional money/gear/labor/etc. have a rift in development which translates at varying levels in different aspects of gameplay.


  • The player with microtransaction-based advantage, proverbially or literally, “win(s)”


How do they win though? How does their success or failure impact you directly?

Take 2 players, one that has 4 hours to play per day and one that has 2. Should we penalize the 4 hour player because he has more time to spend? Of course not, so why penalize those that have more money to spend. Unless people can buy an unfair advantage in Competitive Gameplay (PvP) I don’t see how it impacts other players in a negative way.

If that was the case then we should all be complaining about Patron Status since it gives a HUGE advantage to players willing to pay.

I guess you could argue that it ruins the market or causes inflation but with gold sellers and botters running around I don’t think that argument holds up.


You can’t negate and argument just because there are outside factors causing a similar effect. If anything, it compounds the problem. It’s the same as saying it’s permissible for one country to overfish because another already is, so it’s no big deal if they also hurt international fish populations. If one guild with a ton of (real life) finances dumps money into the cash shop thus furthering their guild’s in-game status/means beyond a competing guild with less means and, as a result, “wins” a contract to do mercenary work for a large trade guild over competing guilds, they just paid to win.

I completely agree, but you’re further-illustrating the point I made previously: in my opinion, in-game merits should determine in-game reward/accomplishment/skill(s)/stuffs/etc. For note, my previous example was based on equal time commitment.

It’s impossible to draw a perfect, crystal-clear cause-to-effect because there will be a multitude of variance between guilds, their members, hours logged, tasks focused on, etc., but it is irrefutably-obvious that it does impact gameplay both for those paying and those not.

Ask @Majordomo about this. I raised hell on Mumble about that prerelease; it’s the primary reason I’m not playing :wink:


But that’s the problem, it does. People will always want thunderstruck and archeum (which are both acquired from the rumbling trees) and they’ll sell them, make the gold, then use that gold to make better equipment than others.

And it’s not just the trees that are the problem, Trion will use this with everything. Need Gilda? Buy a tree that you can harvest Gilda from. Want to upgrade your weapons? 900 credits for 100% upgrade chance.

These Archeum trees are just the beginning. You think that other people buying this stuff doesn’t impact you, but when someone has a better ship, or faster mount (even though they’ve all been normalized for now), it’s going to be via the cash shop. Everything good with have to be purchased.


I swear if I come back from this business trip and everyone has quit playing I’m going up to Canada to slap you in your big stupid face.

Then maybe we can go to Timmy Hortons and then sit on your couch or something.


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Nah, there’s a reason the game is still around: it’s got appeal. It might change a bit over time and it might not be for everyone, but we’ve got some die-hards in this community that don’t seem intent on shutting-down shop until they pull the servers’ plugs :wink:


It’s all good we just need to get together and talk about stuff