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Hello my name is Justin, I go by JT.
I normally do not sign up for forums or other things like this but I like the community around and the way I was approached. I like to play sports, and game let me know if I need to go further maybe you guys want my favorite color? or where i like to eat? well thats easy. pizza, pasta,


Welcome to the Dark side brother. And what is your favorite color? Since you offered it up


Welcome to Strats.


welcome aboard!


Welcome, my favorite color is blue, love chicken wings and long walks on the beach😬




Hi JT Welcome to Strats! What sports do you play?


Welcome to Strats, @gambleR! I hope you enjoy your stay here. :slight_smile:


I play most all sports, favorite is wakeboarding and dirt biking. Gaming cs:go is where its at thought because im not to bad at it i shall say. definitely need a 144hz monitor tohugh which is a bit pricey. Favorite color : charcoal grey. or dark grey, im unique i love that shit. and thanks for all the welcomings.


Welcome! c: what games do you play? there’s no better way to get to know you than being able to game with you!


counter-strike global offensive, insurgency, bf4, bf3, archage, thats all recently apb reloaded … but other than those nothing mostly steam games.


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