The games we love


We all have them, that one game that really brings back memories. Some of us have many games that were around us through our lives and in the future our children and grand children will be saturated with available games to play.

Keeping the discussion a tad lighter, what made the games that you love INTO a game that you loved?

I don’t mind kicking this off.

For me console gaming was a great thing in the earlier days of “games”. The greatest console game that I remember spending time inside of was “Gunstar Heroes”. It was fast paced and offered a good amount of team-play options.

Sure you had other fighting games out there that had a much better story and better elements of gameplay but this game really did it for my brother and myself. The way you could interact with your partner in the game could be for better or worse. I found that no matter our mood, if we played this game and tossed eachother off the ledge a few times eventually we would get over whatever was bothering us at the time and then rush for the boss.

Breaking it down you had a game that allowed people to be dicks to one another, being a dick in a game is annoying but has a lot fewer consequences than being a dick to a person on the street on in an office.

Is this a solid element for games?

You look at eve today and the game is balanced through player interactions, for better or worse. You have your trolls but then you have your troll killers. Letting players sort out their issues instead of playing “Mom and dad” to player interaction may not be an ideal situation to a good amount of gamers, but is it good for the gaming community?

Apply it to a game with no player policing since it is still fresh on most of our minds, ESO. You have people able to be trolls in chat channels, scammers in trades and assholes in a general nature.

What if being a troll cost you a bounty on your head (assuming you could be killed in open world)? Being under the radar becomes much more desired at that point, trolling would still exist but the people being under-handed would quickly learn that there is a pretty hard element of justice in play.

Anyhow, I would love to “food for thought” with people.

What games do you love?

Why do you love them?

Was there an element there that you saw that made you enjoy that game over similar games?

How could you apply that element other places?


Favorite game of all time!

As for the bounty idea, i think that a bounty system depends on the prerequisites for the bounty. In star war galaxies you could go after a Jedi but they made that conscious choice that Hey i am going to become a Jedi and i don’t care who comes after me. In other words the system was not abused because to hunt or be hunted was based on specific parameters that could not be abused.

So in a game world were choice is based on how we treat others or how we behave in general its harder to establish the parameters for balancing a bounty system.what if the troll for example becomes the guy who puts the bounties out? So balance sometimes needs to come not from the player but the collective system that in a “fair” world is created through consensus.

If you look at EvE the bounty system failed because it was not as invasive as it should be. It failed because even though the concept is solid the execution relies on the player and since the potential loss of failing a bounty or the profit from it are minimal there was no real effect on the game.

Tldr: Bounty systems only work with either severe restrictions or severe consequences


One of my all time favorites is Shadowrun for SNES:

Honestly, it’s not the best game but it just has a special place in my heart because it really got me into RPGs when I was young. I spent hours upon hours in this game trying to figure everything out. These days you can speedrun it and look up everything and it just seems so linear. Back in the day, it felt wide open and full of possibilities.

I absolutely love the cyberpunk genre but there are so few games out there that really do it right.

One day I’m going to do a full run through on my YouTube channel or something (assuming I ever get back into making videos).


Totally know how you feel. Just seeing shadowrun reminds me of this:

I spent so much time with it!


No single game series has dominated more of my time than Civilization 1 - 5.

I rarely buy games new, instead preferring to wait for the GOTY edition to go on sale at Steam. But I will reliably plop down the cash for a new Civilization and it’s expansions as soon as they’re out. The only other series I do that with is TES since Morrowind. And I’ll probably buy that new Civilization: Beyond Earth game coming out this fall. Honorable mentions go to Excitebike, Megaman, and Final Fantasy on my beloved NES.


I always loved this game.


Agree. Absolutely loved the Civ games. Trading save files over 28.8k modem connections, that’s multiplayer gaming!


Here are a few games where you could never figure out what the hell you were supposed to do.


HAHA oh man if we are talking unbeatable games…

My brother and i could get to the end of the area but could never figure out how to leave the area


I spend so much of my childhood playing Bust-a-Groove 2.

Also I can’t forget about playing the Tomba demo over and over and over again.


My first strategy game: Super Desert Conflict. That music, always a fond memory. Still have it tucked away somewhere.

Also Pokemon. I don’t want to admit how many hours of Pokemon I have across the assorted games. I know someone else out there is playing X/Y too.