The Glorious Patrons of Strats


Dear Strategists, is a mature multiplayer online gaming community originally created by a core group of MMORPG players. This community is a labor of love and we need your help to keep pushing progress with new features, services, and events.

Our goal is to create a community where everyone can have a safe and fun place to hang out together and talk about the multiplayer games we love—a haven for adults who love gaming to get away from the toxicity generally found in the gaming world. We seek to foster long term friendships among members and enhance the gaming experience by those friendships.

@therubymug, @Auth, @tommy2118, @Vocino

Even a $1 per month contribution will help us achieve our goals and significantly increase the impact our tiny team has on the community. We appreciate every single dollar this campaign generates as we know your money is hard earned and allocated to new games already.

Thank you all for your amazing support,

Travis (@Vocino)


So let’s get to the good stuff here, right? Ideally, you should use the same email for Patreon that you use for to ensure your rewards sync.

Pledge $5 or more per month

Glorious Patron Status on the Strats Forum
For just five bucks per month or more, you get yourself a cool kid Glorious Patron badge, title, and exclusive access to The Lounge category on the forum. You will also be granted Regular trust level which increases your permissions across all Strats services.

Here’s an example of the badge (design may change based on feedback):

Pledge $10 or more per month

Patron Access to Game Servers
Everything below this level plus priority game server access! Tired of full game servers? As we start rolling out more servers for games like ARK, Minecraft, CS:GO, and more you will get priority access.

Pledge $20 or more per month

Elite T-Shirt Status
Everything below this level plus you’ll get any new bad ass Strats t-shirts shipped directly to your door (while supplies last) whenever they released. Any current Patrons of this level will always get a shirt when we print more. So basically, we will be printing shirts periodically and if you’re a current Elite T-Shirt Status patron, you’ll get one shipped to you automagically.

We have some already printed and ready to go for the first batch.

Pledge $40 or more per month

Special Thanks
Everything below this level plus you will have your name (or gamertag) listed in a special thanks area of the site for future civilizations to admire.

This is a bit ambiguous, I know. Rest assured that you have my word that you’ll be publicly thanked and praised in glorious glory.

Pledge $200 or more per month

Your company, brand, or product will receive special placement on all Strats media, whenever possible. This includes placement on as a sponsor, as well as on podcasts by Strats, and mentioned in any community meetings, or media produced by us.

HTC Vive Gameplay!


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