The Great Forum Crash of November 11th


The astute observer (and there have been a couple of you already) will have notice the “Activity” column seems a bit off right now. You might also wonder where some recent threads like the Black Friday Deals Megathread went, or that recent replies to the What are You Jamming thead are nowhere to be found. Those that were around yesterday mid afternoon would also be aware that we had a forum crash around that time. Unfortunately, these are all related to one another.

There’s a much more technical explanation that I’m incapable of giving, but the short, laymen version is the crash we experienced yesterday was extra-special, both in its timing and methodology; the result is the current state of affairs. We have 2 layers of backups to prevent something like this from occurring, but this particular embuggerance effectively ate the locally-stored backups from the last several days, as well as corrupted the last several non-locally-stored backups before they were sent to our separate S3 server. After working for several hours, @therubymug confirmed the worst-case scenario: everything that happened here in the last ~9 days is lost forever.

We’ve had a few hiccups in the past, and server glitches/crashes aren’t something new. This one, however, was particularly nasty and somehow caught us off guard. We didn’t have any indications from the automated systems that there was a problem until right before it all went south, despite the situation beginning to develop over the last week and a half. We’re working to implement some additional redundancies to prevent this from ever happening again and looking into the root cause to avert this outlying doomsday scenario in the future; in the almost 3 years since we started Strats, we’ve never had anything close to this magnitude happen, and we don’t intend to repeat it. We’ll learn from this unprecedented occurrence and move forward.

On behalf of the entire Strats team, we’re sorry this happened, and we don’t intend to ever make a thread like this again.


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Albion Online - Guild Information and Policies

It seems my transition back to the world of a Regular from Member was also lost in the great forum crash on 2016. :cry:


Temporarily bumped you.


RIP 11/02/2016 - 11/11/2016. You will be missed.


I remember where I was, do you?


Hey it happens! Not the end of the world… yet


but… I posted the only copy I had of my cure for cancer last week on the forums… what a horrible decision.


I’ll never forget.


i member