The great MMO Face-Off ; ESO Won from the newbies

In a competition made by a long list of both new MMOs and old MMOs were voted on by users. There was a tournament structure which in the end broke down like this with ESO coming out on top.

The original list of Newbies :
Darkfall: Unholy Wars
Defiance, Destiny
Dungeons & Dragons: Neverwinter
Final Fantasy XIV: A Realm Reborn
Guild Wars 2
Marvel Heroes 2015
Planetside 2
Rift, Star Wars The Old Republic
The Elder Scrolls Online
The Secret World

This is really big, It shows the game is still alive and kicking after everything that’s happened so far.



I started an alt character, and have it up to 27th level. When it hits 50, I will start either a Templar or Dragonknight. The plan is to have one of each class at Vet level, hopefully by the time the Champion System comes out. I am still very active, but mostly solo because of time constraints.

I think I’m safe to say that TESO will get at least another 30-day sub from me.

LOL @ those polls

EvE vs LOTRO and lotro is winning?

LOL, Lotro won over WoW?

Oh man, them polls seem legit as fuck

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lol wut…
How is Tera not on there?
This is the worst MMO face off I have ever seen.
Who the shit voted on these?

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