The Hateful Eight! 70mm Screening


I recently got to watch The Hateful Eight at one of three theatres in all of Canada that have a 70mm Projecter still (wide as fuck screen. The way Quentin Tarantino filmed, framed and wanted the film to be presented as). The digital remaster comes to theaters soon I think? Anyways, it was fucking rad. Classic Tarantino film. It was long and excellent from beginning to end.

Anyone else see the the 70mm screening or planning to see the movie?


Did you guys get an intermission too?


Yup, it was pleasant surprise


How was the actual movie?


Felt like an epic movie. It gave off the feeling like it was filmed in real time. The story was captivating, and kept me on the edge of my seat the whole time. There was sense of OH FUCK consistently throughout the movie. I’'ll be watching it again that’s for sure.


I’ve heard mixed reviews. It’s been hovering in the high 60s on Metacritic. I’d still like to check it out just because I’ve seen every Tarentino movie. I’m guessing that’s why most people see his movies at this point though.


Holy crap, this movie is 3 hours and 7 minutes. I love long movies…I feel like I’m the minority that does. I think it’s mainly because they don’t make bad movies long…usually.


It was awesome, but I’d say his most violent film yet (save for Kill Bill). After intermission it’s just non stop. Probably my least favorite Tarentino movie behind Death Proof, but still worth the watch.


Just DL playbox on your phone and watch it for free. Awesome movie and has some real funny parts in it.


Got it.


I saw the roadshow and it was classic Tarentino. However, I am really beginning to wonder though what is up with his scenes and the use of the N word. I mean almost all of them have it. I can understand the time period and I am not naive enough to think that conversations very similar go on all the time. It’s just a bit excessive. Django was a movie about a former slave and they said it less times than in this movie ffs!


Okay so I saw Hateful Eight as well this past week with my boyfriend and we both had completely polar views on it:

I am a huge Tarantino fan. I have loved almost all of his movies because they are quirky, sarcastic, and the cinematography is great. However, this movie was just… missing something. I loved the overarching theme of the movie ( a kind of “whodunit” scenario) and, as always, it was absolutely beautiful. That being said, it just felt lazy in some aspects. I feel there was a lot of fat to be trimmed with this film. It did not have the pull of the traditional Tarantino film that I have always felt, especially in Inglourious Basterds and Django. I also agree with @Dezmo in that the use of the N word is now a sort of trademark and shock factor for Tarantino’s newer stuff. I believe that he’s been using this era of films as a way to excuse it for the sake of authenticity, but I still shudder every time I hear it, and maybe that’s exactly what he wants.

With all that being said, Ben and the other couple we went to see it with absolutely loved it. The sarcasm and wit are spot on for a Tarantino, and the violence is so excessive it’s humorous (as always). Without giving too much away, Ben and I walked away with ideas so different from one another towards this film that I really couldn’t let it go. Why did he like it so much, having never really seen any other Tarantino films except Django and Reservoir Dogs? Maybe that worked in his favor.

Unfortunately for us, the movie theatre that did have 70 mm was sold out, but we saw it in digital at a movie theatre with reclining leather sofas, full bar, that sort of thing. It made sitting in place for 3+ hours bearable.

TL;DR– If you’re even remotely a Tarantino fan, go see it and decide for yourself. This movie is so not the norm for today’s films that you’re going to either love it or hate it. Just go see it, you’re going to anyways.


Interesting, So perhaps I am not paying attention? Its not just me, but maybe it is a sign since not many other people are noticing it.