The Hollydae Project

Some folks expressed interest about this in my introductory post, so I thought I would share the Hollydae Project here.

Basically I am leveling exclusively through non violent quests, gathering skills, and exploration. I initially considered pet battles, but after two, I felt it was out of theme with the project. I noticed I had some kills, today and they are attributed to three things: blizzard fetch quests where they decided to include a guardian NPC that could not be dismissed, pet battles, and me jumping the gun on healing other players around me.

Updates are 2-3 times a day after I have had some play time. (Completely dependent on work and life obligations.)

You can follow the Tumblr, and the Introductory post is here: The Hollydae project
I also broadcast via twitch, and announce broadcasts via twitter. (I am not currently doing voice over twitch, I am usually pretty quiet while playing.)


The fact that you do 1-2 hour increments makes it seem like a nice little side hobby you can work on in your spare time. Low stress and taking it slow also makes it more enjoyable I bet. Way more than just blazing through the content just to get to the end for /pvp/gearing/raiding. Keep the Hollydae train rollin’ baby!

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Thanks! Yeah my play time seems to be pretty segmented unless I make a point to block out otherwise.

I posted it on our fb page:

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How’s the Hollydae project coming along @MrSavage?

It’s going very well! Made 20 yesterday!

All progress is documented at

I’m going to start looking at the local videos and try to put together something for Youtube.

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Thats only what… 80 more levels to go? :wink: Thanks for the update!

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It’s been going fast. Sometimes. Lots of running away.

I got a good grind in this last weekend, and we are up to 23. Gaining my mount really opened things up. The posts on Tumblr are queued fro twice a day updates and are syndicated to the twitter feed.

I’m hoping to make 25 or 30 by the New Year. It seems to be about a level an hour right now, so that works out pretty good ok.

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