The humblebrag Trophy/Achievment thread!

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Seeing as I am a recent addict of, it has turned me into a “trophy hunter”. Man do I love my trophys. I found out about this website towards the end of last year and I set out to get my first platinum (Just Cause 3). I have yet to get another one but I am currently working on MKX and Hitman Go.

I figured it would be cool to have a thread were we can all come to and brag about what trophys or achievements you have just unlocked. I know Xbox has achievements, but there is something about how PS has classified their trophy system as Bronze, Silver, Gold and Platinum that make me feel so warm inside. Some platinums are easy (like any tell tale game), but others are difficult. MKX will definitely be a difficult platinum for me where my first was Just Cause 3 and it was basically just a grind fest…but easy.

If you sign into you are able to track all your trophys and they even have guides if you need some help. The newest Plat on my list is obviously The Division (which looks to be very reachable). It’s pretty cool, you can have it set to change to whatever your latest game is and the card below updates as you update your trophy system below. If we had “signatures” here on Strats this would definitely be in my signature. I’d love to see everyone post their cards.

Here is mine:

You get two choices, although I usually go with the one above as it is smaller.

I dont really like the thropy hunting unless is a game where i freaking love… I was going for Destiny plat until i was not able to play the DLC… anyhow… I will go for PLAT with The Division!!

Cant believe that many games…

I don’t think you need the dlc to plat destiny. Usually they release more trophies for dlc but they are completely separate from the original plat. I will say however that if you get a game to 100% trophy completion, when they release dlc and it has trophies you are no longer at 100%. That is wack.

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I just looked at the amount of your games. lol woah.[quote=“Vocino, post:4, topic:10600, full:true”]
Note that since we mirror posted images on our own CDN those signature things won’t update. We do this in order to prevent broken links and to preserve SSL security status on the pages.

What if I go in and delete the link and add a new one? (even if it is the same link)

@ducksauce88 Yo! How are we with The Division trophies?

I am just missing the intel trophies and the extract from all location. I should have all intel tonight.

Hot DAMN! I have that trophy. Pretty easy to do, I did it in 30 min. I just started from DZ1 and then moved on to each extract in all the DZ’s. I am still missing the one to kill the 20 rouges and play all missions on hard. I heard the trophy for the hard missions is a bit bugged also.

I hope it doesnt bug out… Getting all the intel is boring if you are alone and with no one to talk whatever hahahaha

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Just got my second Platinum. Doom, what a hell of a game man. Must play.

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That seems ridiculously difficult to get platinum in.

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Some are harder than others. For Doom, I followed a guide to get all the collectables and other shit while I was doing my first play thorugh. Doom actually made it easy to go back and get the collectables if you wanted after the fact also. Some games are harder than others. Just Cause 3 was a real grind, but I wanted my first platinum and I chose that game. I don’t think I would platinum a game like that again. Doom wasn’t very hard to platinum and it definitely feels like an accomplishment when you are completed.

I could actually platinum the division easily now, but I won’t out of principle. Screw that game. lol

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