The Hyacinth Disaster



The Hyacinth Disaster

The Hyacinth Disaster is a hard Sci-fi series set in 2151. When their sister ship - the Corvus - is captured, the crew of the mining vessel MRS Hyacinth fight against time to save their friends, and against space to save themselves.

I started working a new job over a year ago that includes a much longer commute than I had previously experienced. I quickly found out that you can only listen to music for so long day after day on the same road, so I started listening to audiobooks and podcasts to engage myself while driving. Could not recommend more. Listen to a lot of great books and podcasts over that time, but nothing I thought to bring back and share with my fellow stratizens. Until now.

This podcast is a short program, only 7 episodes at nearly 30 mins long each, which I just binged listened today (Did I mention that my commute was long?), and is an amazing piece of storytelling told through the black box recordings of the doomed crew of the MRS Hyacinth.

I couldn’t put it down (figuratively speaking), and I hope you like it too!

You can listen to it at the creator’s website, or anywhere that you find podcasts.


This looks and sounds amazing. I love this stuff. Added.


Thanks for the heads up! finished listening yesterday on my way home from work. Good story, very well produced.


This looks great! Thank you. I also listen to a lot of audio books when travelling - can recommend all of the following:

Magic 2.0 Series: A bunch of geeks discover a repository file on the internet which controlls all life, and deduce that the world is a simulation. They edit their own entries to travel back to medieval England and become wizards by using console commands and video game effects to emulate magic.

Awaken Online Series:: A book series (unfinished) about a boy who plays a new MMO called Awaken Online and becomes the world’s villain with the help of the game’s AI controller.

The Gam3 Series - All interstellar wars are now fought inside a virtual reality called The Game. Series follows a guy who plays for the first time and starts to discover ancient secrets.

All These Worlds: Bobiverse - This series is about a guy who gets cryogenically frozen and wakes up as a space probe AI. He clones himself and explores the galaxy, and the book series follows the events of the species and colonies of the planets he visits and colonises. It’s really funny, heartwarming and very well narrated.

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