The King of all Monitors?



While their products can sometimes be a bit overpriced, there’s no doubt that ASUS’s ROG line is often blazing the trail for gaming.

This year at CES, ASUS has announce the newest monitor in their lineup; the beautifully named ROG PG27UQ sporting a resolution of 3840x2160, a refresh rate of 144Hz, and High Dynamic Range (HDR).

This is the first (to my knowledge) high refresh rate 4K display, but does that mean it dethrones the Acer X34/ROG PG348Q as the king of gaming monitors? Which would you rather have (if money is no object)?

Leave your thoughts below.


Need to know the $$ first.


Let’s say money is no object.


The ultrawide would be highly tempting but i think dual/triple of the 4K would be the way for me. Sometimes the extra screen is necessary.


It’s… beautiful.


27" seems a bit small for something like that. Even at the 100Hz I still like the ROG Swift 34". That being said, can it do this…

… cause that would change my mind.


Yeah. I’m with you. Ignoring money, If I had a choice between the 4K120 27" monitor, and my Acer X34 Predator (essentially the same monitor as that ROG PG348Q) I’d take the X34 all day.


Gaming on 2 displays is hard unless the game really supports it well. You’ve gotta go 1 or 3.


Can you really see everything on 3 monitors? Seems like you would need to sit 10 feet away.

I don’t want to be moving my head to see things on the screen.


If you crank the field of view way up then the sides are more like your peripherals.


Wholeheartedly agree; I’ve sat at a couple dual monitor gaming setups and I hate how it feels. Honestly though, unless money was truly a non-issue, I can’t see a reason to have more than 1 monitor; having more peripheral vision is nice, I suppose, but lack of height bothers me more, and having 3 monitors would exacerbate this for me. Thinking back to the old couch-co-op days, I preferred games like Halo that would split the screen top half and bottom half, but I hated the lack of vertical FOV. Not as much as I hated games that split the screen into left half and right half, admittedly, but still. I need a decent ratio of height-to-width, not an extreme of one or the other :wink:


Yeah. A single ultrawide is plenty for me. I’d definitely take that over a triple 16:9 setup… And 3 21:9 monitors seems… excessive… lol


I should clarify that I only want my games on 1; I absolutely need a minimum of 2 for productivity :wink:


My wife doesn’t feel this is good enough a reason.


Start up a game, then show her what it’s like to tab out all the time trying to look at a wiki, Strats, and/or Discord; I’m sure she’ll see the benefit immediately :wink:


I currently run a 34" 3440x1440 curve, and ever since moving to it i couldnt use anything else. a 2nd one would be even better for gaming on one and browsing on the other. 3 would really only be beneficial for desktop application/usage.

Ultrawide is the way to go. You get the multi monitor feel without the pain from it. multimonitors the fov just turns to shit. i had 3 28" monitors before, and never again. Very cool in theory, in the end it just doesnt feel right.

Secondly for a single 27" imo everythings to small, theres not enough space. The second text appears, kiss it goodnight. It may be ok for some, but being legally blind in one eye makes it a very tough choice for me ontop of this, adding more 27" monitors with rediculous resolution to get more area isnt going to work in gaming scenarios at 4k. Trying running any demanding game at 4k across 3 monitors… pc is going to halt and ask where the horse power is.

Personally i think 1440 is the wave of the future. I’m currently waiting on a 1440 34" 144hz g-sync monitor. When we see monitors that can support this, and connections that can support this, i’m investing!

You've gotta go 1 or 3.

Can you really see everything on 3 monitors? Seems like you would need to sit 10 feet away.

I don’t want to be moving my head to see things on the screen.I do agree with thise statement. If you go with 3, and understand the fov concerns, your options imo to go with 3 24" or smaller monitors, or get a stand and sit the 3 monitors back a good ways. the 3 28’s i had i thought, you cant get to big. Boy was i wrong. Neck hurt like a SOB lol.


I have one at home, and one at work.
It makes me sad whenever I use a computer anywhere else…


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If only i could get work to invest in some 34". I’d be in heaven.