The Legend of Zelda: A Netflix Series

As I’m sure you’ve all heard, Netflix is potentially making a LoZ series to broadcast to the world. I, for one, am pretty excited for this, but it seems that the naysayers are starting to show up, and the link I shared above is one of them. I like Dorkly a lot, but I don’t particularly agree with this article. My direct retorts to the points they make below:

  1. To say Zelda has no plot because it has a simple beginning and end, with a ton of lore, is foolish. That’s screenwriter gold. Connecting the dots with all of the lore could be a lot of fun. They’ve also got the opportunity to create new lore, a new period of time, or something that isn’t canon at all. There isn’t some steadfast rule to storywriting or how fans interpret it.
  2. Ugh, this just bothers me. Everyone seems to be so stuck on Link’s voice and what it would sound like and how it would shape him. Link has had at least five or six distinct scream sounds in just the games alone, reflecting his age and the different kinds of games that they are. Not one of them have ever turned me off to say “omg he sounds too old or too childlike!” They will need to capture his vibe in general, as a hero that may not normally speak much, but is wise beyond his years. Everything else will be significant to this series only. The LoZ animation has been out almost as long as the series itself, and not once have I ever thought that the voice actor they used was canon in any way shape or form. I barely think about it, save for the one line we all know.
  3. Yes. Yes it was terrible. But that just further proves that people don’t associate things to a series if they don’t like it. If this series flops, they will look at it like they do the Wand of Gamelon. If they love it, they’ll either look at it as a stand alone success just like every other game in the series, or make speculations on where it could fall like they’ve done with every other game in the series.
  4. Oh come on. This is just reaching now. Times have changed. Get over it.
  5. I still don’t know, even as I write this, how this even matters at all. At least someone is making the attempt on a medium with over 44 million subscribers at the end of 2013. Doesn’t sound like a bad chance to take, if you ask me. I think the successes of OITNB and HoC should be looked at as accomplishments, not as potential reasons for failure.

I don’t know. What are your thoughts? Are you excited to see a game series come to a potential movie form? They’ve talked about A Metroid movie, an Uncharted movie, and a Halo movie for a long time now, but nothing has budged yet.

Tomb Raider is the only one I can think of that made it, and it didn’t do half bad if I remember correctly. I think three stars for both the original and the sequel.


I’m on the fence. I really think it boils down to two things for me:

  1. Who’s directing it

  2. What part of the lore they will focus on

Because the way a show works(as I’m sure we all know), they will run a test season of sorts, and if it does good it will go for another round. If not, it gets the axe; but I have the feeling if they try and run through the whole story from start to finish it will be terrible. There’s so many side stories they can focus on that there’s too much not to just do little bits and pieces.

They could focus on History of the Gorons, History of the Zora’s, The Fall of Hyrule, Ganondorf, Gerudo Valley, The Temples(there’s so many more I could go on for ages). I just really want to see it done right, and I feel like it would be super easy to ruin it, so I hope whomever is directing it REALLY knows what they are doing.

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My issue is mainly that Link, like Samus from the Metroid series, is not a fully-developed character but a character cipher. When Samus was turned into a full-blown character in Metroid: Other M and given a voice, she immediately felt far less like playing the bad-ass female bounty hunter and more like playing the enlisted soldier of many that is dependent on her commanding officer. To go from Prime 3’s Samus, who turns her back and walks away as the boss self-destructs, to the Samus that is constantly in distress really killed the game for me. I think that the same will occur with this live-action adaptation. Link won’t be the cipher that I, as the “author” of the story, can imprint my own personality onto.


This also. Link never spoke in the iconic games I remember him with. The same actually happened with a lot of the Final Fantasy games for me. As soon as the character developed their own “Voices and personalities” I kind of felt like I didn’t connect with them anymore.

Part of the image is that characters who don’t speak, yet being played kind of gives me the feeling like I can give them whatever personality my mind wants. If I want Link to be pissed off at Navi for repeatedly saying “HEY! LISTEN!” I can, or if I want link to be the more concerned type I can in my own head. I can’t even think of an actor that could portray Link.

I however, have been proven wrong before though. Which is why I’m still on the fence about it.

  1. Doesn’t this always count? :wink:
  2. I don’t know that it matters in terms of relevance because all of it is good, but I think it would matter for sure in terms of what would captivate the audience as a season premier. It could also be a multiseries show that always focuses on the war between the Gerudos/Gannondorf and the Hylians, with a lot of the Zora/Goron/etc. all playing in side roles each season.

Remember this actually started happening before Other M, actually. “Adam” was introduced in Metroid Fusion, and that’s when her personality was starting to be adjusted. I have a lot of gripes about this topic alone, but for fear of losing sight of the original, I’m going to let it go. :slight_smile: But just know I definitely understand your point, but think it’s a little different in that you knew what Samus was supposed to be like even before that. I think that even before Fusion/OM, she was still more developed than Link.

You’re right though. Link is a canvas, so how they paint him is integral.