The Murloc is now streaming


Hey guys my name is Oneky and I have started streaming seriously. I am daily streamer that is just getting started and would love your help to get my name out there, At the moment I do not have a webcam but will fixed in the up and coming weeks. I play music, talk about games, and talk about anything really. So come hang out and chat for a bit. If there is stuff I can change for future streams please let me know

Once again hi


Hello @Oneky, welcome to Strats!

We :heart: streamers and we even have a #streaming category. Within there, we have #streaming:promotion where you can advertise when you go live and such. However, I did edit your post a bit because we like for people to hang out and get to know us before doing a lot of promotion, if that’s cool with you.

You can post as much as you want in the Promotion category as a Basic user, which is pretty easy to get to just by participating a bit in the discussions here.

Also, drop by and say hello in Discord if you get a chance!


Welcome to Strats!! :slight_smile:


Welcome to the cave! Have fun, go wild and if you a pirate drink lots o’ rum!!


Welcome to Strats @Oneky! The party is hoppin’ and you can find the :beers: over that way (only if you’re legal though) unless @Ausylon drank them all again.


Welcome to Strats! And no, @lyteforce hasn’t restocked the fridge in a bit… I’m not buying anymore until then… :persevere:


Welcome to the party! Let us know if you have any questions or run into any issues :wink:


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