The Nerdy Dad Cast

Because I know no form of shame, here’s a trailer for my next podcast project:

While I’ve been kicking around this idea for a while, a conversation I had with @Vocino finally convinced me to pull the trigger.

My plan is to share a new episode every two weeks where I talk about my journey in fatherhood and how I balance being a nerd second to being a Dad first. Things like what to do about Santa/Easter Bunny/Tooth Fair, to potty training, to when it’s appropriate to stop calling Babyforce “Babyforce.”

Plus every episode will have a dose of something gaming/nerd-related.


Hah, nice! Execution wins the race. I had dug up my doc from a year ago about this idea after our conversation.

Good luck with it!

You know you’re already on my tentative guest invite list, right? :wink:

The great thing about podcasts is the race never ends… so we can be friendly competitors. Or unfriendly too I suppose.