The new CoD MP might rope me back in again

Like last year’s game, they have copied Destiny’s MP a bit with different classes you can play. I actually quit enjoyed that from last year’s game. I LOVE Destiny’s MP. Watch the video and tell me what you think.





I’ve never been interested in Call of Duty because it was the same thing over and over, looks like they’re branching out, I might be interested

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They even branched out a bit last year and it was pretty fun. Yet it is still call of duty so you can’t have high expectations. I still think graphically they are meh. That and lag have always turned people away. Didn’t really experience much lag last year. I think i prestiged once and then never played it again. I actually have been wanting to come back and play the campaign as I heard it was good.

This looks like CoD meets Overwatch. could be interesting.

My issue with COD isn’t necessarily the game and them reskinning it over and over, its the community that actually plays it. Not quite LoL toxic but pretty close lol.


Ugh they are the worst.