The new tagging system and you


##Everything I know is a lie!
That’s not true; we only changed everything! Well, almost everything, but for good reason. This has been in discussion off and on since last summer when we realized the system of a category for every game was going to get outlandish and unmanageable at some point; after much discussion in the Lounge category among the Regulars and leadership, it was decided now was as good a time as any.

##Why am I getting notification that my posts are being edited?
That’s just the Regulars fixing/adding tags that the database migration didn’t do automatically; don’t fret :wink:

##How do I find a specific game’s threads?
Since games are now sorted into the major categories like Action and Role-Playing you may find yourself want for a specific title’s threads. There’s a dialogue going on in the dev team regarding some adaptation of the UI to address this, but in the interim you can see the list of all the tags at Alternatively, if you already have a post open, clicking any one of those tags will bring up all posts with the same tag.

##I’m making a post; what do I tag it?
We’re keeping the tag system simple for the time being and we’ll explore expansion as appropriate. Presently, unless you’re considered a Regular by our Trust Level system, you cannot create a new tag; instead, you must select your tag from the list. The only tags a post needs (if any) is the game’s title and its platform (if it’s a multiplatform title, like GTA 5, please select all appropriate platform tags); if you’re creating a post for a game that doesn’t currently have a tag, don’t sweat it! The Regulars and Moderators will be making adjustments to new threads as needed. Once one of us creates the initial tag, it will appear in the list for selection on subsequent new posts. Please don’t PM folks or post threads requesting tag creation! This is a bit of a learning process for everyone here and it’s going to take some acclimation, but we’ll get your post sorted out in due time.

##What about posts for games like Bloodborne that could fall under multiple categories?
Again, we’re working to improve the user experience to make this a bit less painful. For now, check the game’s tag and see what category all the other posts for it are in. If you’re posting something about a game that currently has no tag, check Wikipedia and see what the game is classified as. For example, Bloodborne is considered an action role-playing game on Wikipedia, so it’s filed under Action. If you’re genuinely uncertain, make your best judgement and someone will come behind and make any corrections necessary.

##Wrapping Up
On the whole, this new methodology is going to take a bit of getting used to, but in the long run it’s going to allow for the continued expansion of our forums without turning them into a hot mess; if you’ve any other questions about the who/what/where/when/how/why of the new system that hasn’t been covered here or in another meta post, feel free to PM @moderators :wink:


LFG Rift/Mayhem in the Crucible!

Thank you for this clear outline.



I’ve noticed some tags cropping up like multi-platform and similar redundancies. It’s important to put yourself in the user’s shoes here.

Is a post about some general gaming thing multi-platform? No. It’s not about any specific platform.

When a thread is about something like general GTA storyline, applicable to multiplatforms, then it makes sense to tag it with the platforms, ps4, pc, xb1. Since no one from a user perspective would find multiplatform relevant in search, it doesn’t make sense to create that as a tag.



Reminder bump, lots of platform tags missing of late :wink: