The on-going Gamestop debate: They're still dead


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Has anyone ever purchased Overwatch at GameStop?



A number of console players probably did; I doubt there was any significant PC purchases there, though.



Do they even sell PC games at GameStop?



Believe it or not, yes (digital only, IIRC).

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I could have imagined them selling PC games on a tiny shelf off in a corner or something, but I had no Idea they had any digital media.

Do they have their own DRM or something?



That is exactly what my local store has done. They are required to have a PC display in the store. I believe it is mostly Blizzard games. It is sitting in the front corner, mostly hidden behind the window curtain. I am likely the only customer who knows it is even there.

The manager told me he is required to have it somewhere on the floor so he chose that spot. He doesn’t sell any physical PC stuff anyway. All he sells is Steam cards during sales, League cards, etc.

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Up until a few years ago they actually had their own launcher (they bought it from Stardock, the makers of Sins of a Solar Empire). I’ll never forget my confusion when I logged into it to play some Sins for old times sake and it was a GameStop product all of the sudden.

I haven’t been in my GameStop in the last few months, so now I’m curious if there’s a PC display hiding in there somewhere. Might have to investigate after work.