The Order 1886 Game Length?


Just read on PS4 experts Facebook page that the order is rumored to be be 5 to 6 hours long, but developers say that it is up to 10 hours long. Does this affect anyone’s choice to purchase the game? I am leaning on not picking up the game now having found this out. This game looks awesome, but $60 for possibly 5 to maybe just 10 hours of game play is way too much, but that’s just me. Feedback please.


Haven’t been considering this game. And it doesn’t even have a multiplayer component?

The ultimate decision is really on you. What do you feel is a “proper” game length worthy of $60? There’s an indie PC game, Darkest Dungeon, that recently launched in Early Access. $20 gets you the game and some people have put in well over 40 hours already. 50 cents per hour for entertainment seems like a pretty awesome investment.

Maybe wait for the game to go on sale if you’re concerned? Recently it seems games drop in price by the 4-6 month mark.


Iv’e heard a lot of rumors surrounding this, but from what I’ve read is that these are users speculating that it’s 5-6 hours purely because that’s the time from the first achievement to the time they popped the game completion achievement.

For one, the game completion achievement is for any difficulty, so that could be on easy, and at least one of the users who has beaten the game simply made the comment that it was only the time between his first and last trophy for completing the game. Just by the way the user commented, I get the feeling it took him a little while to pop his first trophy.

Either way I’m excited to see what comes of this game and I plan on picking it up.


It’s a lot like gas mileage. Game publishers advertise the game length based on normal play. Then the hardcore poop-sockers get ahold of it and steamroll through every cut scene, skip all dialogue, and ignore all story—at which point they complain about how short the game is.


@teh_ninjaneer, @NVS_1, and @Vocino, thanks for the feed back guys, all good points I did not consider. I am going to go ahead and pick it up. I have been excited for the game sense I first heard about it early last year. Thanks again guys


I have a feeling this game is going to become a PS4 “staple” like the Last of Us Remastered. Look how often that goes on sale and for dirt cheap. I’ve been pretty excited for The Order but it has this funny cloud around it I cannot explain. I fully expect people to just tear it apart at launch and make it out to be worse than Hitler, because that’s a video game trend. My biggest concern, like Infamous Second Son, is that there will be little replay value besides getting the trophies which judging by the list looks really easy (like NVS said).

Still, I definitely want to play it and once I see it hover around the $30 mark I’ll buy it for sure, it just looks so fun! Maybe not $60 dollar fun, but fun!

[quote=“Vocino, post:4, topic:4774”]
hardcore poop-sockers
[/quote] Nothing like poop-socking your way through a video game to be the first on top of the mountain!


It is hard for me to get behind a game that has no multiplayer aspect. That for me is the replay ability. I would pay $60 for a relatively short story line if I knew I would make my money back on the MP side. The game looks awesome, but I’m out for picking it up at launch.


The total gameplay time has had me worried about this one too. Personally, I think under 15 hours playtime isn’t worth my $60, especially when compare to something like DA: Inquisition, or the extended multiplayer engagement games like Destiny or Diablo offer. If it turns out the Order has more to it than it seems, then I’ll definitely pickup later, or if not, I’ll just rent for a weekend.


I talked to some fellow gamers at work, and they too are on the fence. They were excited about the game, but not sure if the posibly short game play is worth it. Has any one heard of any future DLC that may make it worth the investment, or perhaps is there a good hand full of side missions in the game aside from the story. If not I think I am going to go the same route as @Nubhugs and wait till I can get new or used for about $30 or less.


Let’s wait before we put this game in the same sentence as TLOU please. I know you didn’t mean it I forgive you…


Here’s some good news.

Check the bottom:

Harsh Jain " To clear things up.
A lot of buzz around my completion of the game.
I played the game a lot before earning my first trophy.