The Order 1886; not bad at all


Just got done playing The Order 1886, and I have to say it was not a bad time at all. I rented it yesterday and it took me about 7 hours to finish. I could have probably done it in 6, but some of the game play was a bit confusing, so I dyed a few times.

This game could have been so much more, it is beautiful game that really was not taken to its full potential, for what my opinion is worth. Glad I did not buy it, but so glad I rented it. The story concept was very interesting and the game play was fun. I highly recommend renting it on a day or night when you have nothing to do and want to kill a few hours.

I would compare it to a good movie with a disappointing ending, but they defiantly left it open for "The Order 1887.

Any way, like I said not a bad way to kill a few hours.


Thanks @jbarron49! Glad to hear that the game was so good. @simplyundrea also highly praised it. I can’t wait to get my hands on it someday.


I’d still like to play it sometime. It may be short but 7 hours of play time is probably like a week or more for me right now. Seems like a lot of people are enjoying it.

What color?


Maybe i’m missing the high praise, lol. People were saying that it was short and unremarkable, @jbarron49 words:

Seems to mirror what was said by most “Gaming Journalism” sites unless I am totally out of the loop on quality when it comes to console games now and:

is a shining review these days (BTW those were mock, I didn’t actually quote anyone).

BTW it is nice to see a real critique from a member and not just a faceless person! Nice work, sometimes the over-hype gets a ton of people buying a product without any real feedback aside from more hype. Only to have a week or two pass then the novelty wears off and you get true feedback.


I can’t spell:(


Is renting still an option in this “modern age”? Where did you rent it?


A place here in town called Hastings, but I think red box rents games too, might be wrong.


Ok, something more local. I’m pretty sure Red Box doesnt get “new” releases until a few months down the line, or else they will compete with actual sales.

Alas, I dont think there is a renting option for this game in my area.


Doesn’t Amazon rent games without a membership?


GameFly rents new releases but I haven’t had an account in ages. My previous experience was it was difficult to get newly released games since that’s what everyone wanted.


You may be right, not sure

@Vocino same here, it was a good option for a month or so, but didn’t end up being worth it for me longer than that


The way The Order: 1886 left things gives way to a sequel.

I beat it in one weekend but I did the same with Tomb Raider.

I love the fact that TO:1886 was character driven. The plot was interesting.


Thanks, renting sounds like a good idea. Haven’t rented anything in awhile lol.


@PittInjury & @Vocino:

YMMV but you can hold it for pickup, not sure how long or what process it takes but you can do it!


Mission accomplished


Awesome, surprised they had it; enjoy.


I had to go to two redboxes. I reserved from one, only to find out it wasn’t there (which the website claims doesn’t happen…) then had to go to another one on the other side of town. I picked it up eventually, and now I can drop it back off much closer than where I picked it up.


I watched a full playthrough of this game, and honestly, it was one of the best experiences. After hearing all the rep about it, I had decided not to play it, but rather watch.

I agree though, it was good. Beautiful, and has potential.


Well comrades, I beat the game today (lest I spend 3 more dollars). I hope Ready At Dawn gets another chance at this IP.


So what did you think?

Good movie huh?