The Perils of Being Deployed With Limited Internet and a PS4


TLDR: PS4 got blocked from internet via MAC address, had to wipe hard drive to use on another PS4, am downloading all games again (5 days at a time per game), and lost some Bloodborne boss footage.

So here I am, chilling deployed, loving my ps4. I’m buying all the games that are coming out that I want, then downloading, because I do just about everything I can digitally.

Along comes a restriction on the internet that you can’t excessively download (1GB/hr for 2 consecutive hours)…

I have been downloading quite a few full size games: Borderlands Collection, Bloodborne, Evolve, NBA 2k15, BF4 Hardline Beta. A few GB to say the least.

PS4 gets permanently banned from the internet here, because I didn’t find out the data amount until my second ban.

I do everything I can to try and get it back on the internet: try to bridge connections with a laptop, look up ways to change my IP on my PS4 (doesn’t work because I don’t have access to the router here), and various other things, to no avail.

So here I am, I wouldn’t mind very much if I hadn’t just bought Mortal Kombat X, and Dark Souls 2, both games I’ve been anticipating playing since I heard they were coming to the PS4.

Base blocks the PS4 with MAC Address, so what do I do? I go find another person’s PS4, and have been told I can use it for the rest of deployment.

Simple hard drive switch and I’m good to go right? Wrong. Very wrong. For PS4(2) to recognize and use PS4(1)'s hard drive, I had to get them the same software update. That’s fine and dandy, 20 mins later, I have them the same. Come to find out that each hard drive is hard coded to each PS4 which is just my belief because I had to wipe the drive to get it to work finally on PS4(2).

Pretty much back to square one now, lost all my games (I did back up my saves to an external source), and here I am downloading everything again. Priorities are as follows: Bloodborne, MKX, DS2, then we’ll go from there. Sadly I think I lost 2 boss fights on bloodborne that I had recorded, but I did also manage to get the darkbeast Paarl before I wiped it.

^^^^^^^^^^^^^^^^^^^Hence why I haven’t updated the bloodborne boss thread with more videos or gameplay.

I would highly advise being ready and using this tale in case you ever want to upgrade your hard drive or something weird like this happens.


Yeah it took me about 24 hours to download an iOS update when I was deployed.


Super fun download speeds


Holy crap man. The commitment is real.


You have no idea how boring it is over here. Gotta keep my sanity somehow


MAC is usually encoded on the NIC. A hard drive swap wouldn’t do the trick.


Yeah, my hard drive is in another person’s PS4 who’s isn’t blocked, but for that to work, I had to wipe the hard drive


Does MWR (Moral, Welfare and Recreation for the Civies) have any of the games on disc? How much time is left on this trip? Maybe a care package is in order…


That sucks. Hopefully you won’t get the 2nd PS4 banned…


No, MWR only has 360 games currently I believe. I did finally get bloodborne downloaded in it’s entirety though today. The base portion of MKX will be done shortly, although idk how much “application data” will be left. I think I’ll be alright, but I sincerely appreciate it!

As for the second PS4, I think I’ll be alright, I’ve been pretty much staring at the downloads screen since I got it, so that it won’t get banned.


I remember my platoon getting an X-Box during our deployment to Afghanistan in 2006. We ended up leaving it locked inside our connex because we never did stay anywhere with electricity until the end when we were at KAF for a short while.

That’s when we got lucky enough to play Indego Prophecy, which is the game that made me determined to try more RPG games on console. I still remember about twenty of us sitting around on our cots watching one guy play the game and the story took a strange left turn with aliens and stuff. Every single guy there said “WTF” out loud and we all went to the chow hall to take a break.