The Queen's Wrath


yeah I saw this. People on Reddit keep asking “are we gonna get something other then chest piece and helm?” I think this answers that question.

Has it been confirmed that there is a ship that you can get? I know the sniper rifle has been confirmed because @Auth got it when I ran a mission with him. I’d really like to get the ship and rifle but even more so I’d like to get my Queen’s rep high enough to buy the top tier shader, emblem, and mark.

Since you don’t get rep from the missions, I might just not do them anymore unless there’s some chance I might actually get something other than another helmet and chest piece.

I’ve done it 3 times now. Got 2 warlock healms (same look, slightly diff stats) and the warlock chest piece. I’m wondering if I should go for the 4th (and last) time to see if I can unlock something else.

3 times? I’ve done it like 20 times and have only got the helm and chest.

Haha, wow. I guess I’m 3-3 then. I thought it was an automatic legend drop each time. Are you getting crap blue drops?

It is, I just keep getting either a helment or a chest piece.

Every time I have done it the strike has been the Shrines of Oryx. Maybe if/when the the story alternates you get a different drop?

My understand was that it was completely random but I generally just reorbit until I get Restoration, which is by far the quickest one to do.

I’ve done it maybe 7 or 8 times now and I’ve only ever gotten the helm nothing else. and I’ve done different missions. :frowning:




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Shit. Must… keep… grinding…

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That ship is horse shit. I’ve done well over 25 missions and I can’t get it!

Yeah man, I’m in the same boat.