The road to Platinum in Star Wars Battlefront



As some of you know from me complaining in Discord, I’m trying to get the Platinum PlayStation trophy for Star Wars Battlefront before Star Wars Battlefront II is released in September.

This has not been easy since the remaining trophies I have are pretty annoying. I’m prioritizing the multiplayer trophies since I expect the population to plummet after everyone moves to SWBF2. Also, right now I’m just going for the core game but if there’s still time I may try for the DLC as well.


I have 3 remaining multiplayer trophies:

In a galaxy far, far away…

This is difficult for one reason: Hero Hunt. It’s the only mode that I have yet to win and it’s broken AF. Unless I figure out some kind of magic trick, there is just so much chance and randomness here as to make it ridiculously frustrating.

Crush them with one swift stroke…

This one doesn’t seem too bad if I’m willing to die over and over for 1 trample kill at a time before my AT gets destroyed. It’s certainly not fun.

I’ve been waiting for you GOT IT!

I’ve been working on this one lately. The worst part is that to get a qualifying kill the enemy has to die while holding down the claiming timer. That makes they have to be bad at the game. Any reasonable player would let go and shoot, pop their shield, roll, do something. So basically it means that you have to hope to catch someone in the magic last milliseconds of the claim.

So annoying.

All Battefront DLC is free this weekend

Oh gosh. I think this post is the reason I’ve never gotten platinum on a title. Well, that and I have a limited attention span with most titles. Heck… even Destiny, which I still play regularly ain’t close to it.


Here are some of my recent ones:


You got this buddy :thumbsup:


Got this one!

Some tips I learned while going for this

  • Hit every pod with Dioxis Grenades whenever they’re off cool down—people try to beat the health ticks
  • Grab new powerups looking for Doids and Turrents to place near the pods—people seem to ignore the lock on messages thinking they can beat it


Getting the next one is not looking so good…


Did some work on this in the early morning. This time block seems more doable than in the evening. Having fewer players in the match might be the secret to actually getting this.

The past few matches I’ve played in the evening have had 1 player completely dominating every time though. This is actually a good sign as it suggests that skill can prevail even in the broken ass Hero Hunt match mode. Hopefully it’s not because some people know some trick to it.