The salty gamer thread



With all the releases lately being so disappointing I feel like we need a salty gamer thread where we can link all the shit that devs do that make us question how they ever became designers.

My submission:

Krogan, the most badass warriors that are ultra alpha…apparently casting thought it would be a great idea to have him have a lisp.


Are you complaining about Morda? I assumed that’s just how all female Krogan talk.

I’ve never played any of the other ME games.


I’m gunna guess bad casting / voice acting


But is there really anything more appalling than Mafia 3’s 30 fps lock on PC?


There is no limit on salt!

With NMS and other games flopping or not doing as well as expected as well as a slew of other games coming out in the future, salt will always be here.


I’m super salty about a lot of stuff in games, mainly on the writing front

I think the single most granular and ridiculously nitpicky opinion I have is that Witcher 3 has Anime Protagonist Syndrome something fierce and it (slightly) hurts the experience for me

Seriously, Geralt a) looks more interesting than EVERYONE ELSE IN THE GAME JUST ABOUT and it doesn’t really feel like he’s part of the world he’s interacting with

this is made worse by b) he’s managed to be at the center of very nearly every major event in this realm’s recent history. It’s nuts. Dude is the center of the bloody universe and I hate that. Or he would be, if Ciri The Other Anime Protagonist didn’t show up as well.

Don’t get me wrong, the game’s writing is for the most part stellar elsewhere–I just–GODDAMMIT LET SOME OTHER PEOPLE BE CRITICAL TO THE FATE OF THE WORLD. JESUS.


The only time there was

On my table was with Destiny DLC content… Extremly overpriced and the content was poor!!

Idgaf about ME:Downdromeda. Day 1 discount game, There.


I’m fairly disappointed in Massdromeda but it doesn’t really feel as bad as people are making it out to be. I think I have a higher threshold for bad games though. I can play them for a week or so and feel like I got a good amount of value out of them. I still love Mass Effect (1) and that shit was buggy with really poor gameplay and the same 3 character reaction animations over and over.

For me to really be pure salt on a game, it has to be broken in a way that drastically breaks my experience.

I tried to think of some examples but had trouble. Some of the MMORPGs I’ve played I did feel like the value just wasn’t there. Probably ArchAge, Albion Online, and WildStar. All fell flat to me and I didn’t feel like I was able to get my investment out of them.