The staff situation

The Guild has been leaderless and staffless in game for a long time now. The last time an officer was online was Biff Tannen, 4 months ago. People who want to join can’t because there is nobody with permissions to invite. The only way to fix this, as far as i can see, is for @Vocino to resub and shuffle the officer ranks, because he is the only one with permission to do so. We should probably give invite perms to members too while your at it. Until that happens there is no way for the Strats TESO guild to grow and stay alive so it will always eventually die.

I will install and resubscribe when I get home.


You should also consider playing while you’re at it.

Yeah I’m definitely going to see what’s up with the game. For sure.

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I’m willing to give it my best but only with the stipulation that we don’t necessarily hold the ESO guild to the same standard as our other guilds. It is going to be extremely hard to recruit players and we have a relatively low amount of knowledge and experience on the current state of the game.

I still want to hold guild meetings and try my best to recruit, but it is hard to see us getting recruits that aren’t people already on the website. This guild is more likely just going to end up being a relatively few amount of people just being bros. With that said, I have given up all other games at this point and am only playing ESO and have got myself familiar with most of what is new. I will try my best to recruit, but I know that PvP wise the large 30 day server already has other more famous up and coming groups that are way more appealing and we don’t really have many max rank players either.

I’m thinking there are a lot of guilds that petered out in ESO and with the changes coming, there may be a decent number of people returning to take a look. We may be surprised at how many people are available to recruit.


I had the same thought. I think that will be the case even more so after the next Update. 2 of the major issues driving people away were Veteran Ranks and Soft Caps. With those 2 things being addressed in this update, I think a lot of people may be coming back to a game where their guild is gone.

Which standard where you hoping to dilute?

This has been true in my experience. On Daggerfall side I joined both a PvE and PvP guild for pre-Veteran people. There has been 20-30 people online each day for each guild.

Just the general recruitment one, though that is less of a standard and more of an expectation field. While you guys are right in that people are coming back, unless we can find some people quick that will help us we don’t have much to offer to anyone that wants to join a guild over the myriad of ones out there. We don’t have gear, we don’t have experience, we don’t have numbers, we don’t have a guild store, we don’t have any reputation, this guild will have to be built back from the ground up in my opinion. This may change over time but the first couple of months may be a little tough, that is all I’m saying.

edit: Also I’m lacking I’d be lacking in the department of any officers, so anything that prevents me from maybe attending a meeting or something would mean that meeting would have to be cancelled and I wouldn’t have people available online all the time, which should be the case.

There’s plenty of offline people left from the beginning, we have a guild store right now, all we need is people to sell in it.

I’ll be active this weekend, starting this evening. We’ll get it sorted! I appreciate all the help. If you’re going to be around this evening, let’s chat in mumble.


I need an invite to the guild, I have crap to sell

I need an invite to the guild, I have to buy some crap

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I just finished up with my finals, and I’m on my way home now, but once i get home I’ll sit in mumble pretty much the whole day if you want to just jump in at some point