The State of Guild Wars 2



For those of you not following the guild wars 2 webpage, Arenanet has released some information about the upcoming year and what to expect which can be found here.

Some of the major items are listed below.

Gliding will now be available in Central Tyria. That’s right you can now learn a mastery that will allow for gliding in central Tyria. No more jumping off the side of a cliff to realize you are not in the Maguuma Jungles.

Improvements to Fractals of the Mist which will allow for easier finding of group and more quality of life changes as in the ability to change the fractal level in the fractal hub.

Enhanced squad functionality that will allow for squad lieutenants to made that can takes care of administrative task and the ability to mark location, players and enemies with symbols that will appear both in game and on your compass.

New WvW features that look to bring back some of the old features from the good old days of WvW, putting importance on defending and escorting your stronghold and troops. In addition changes to the way rallying works to help smaller groups have more of a fighting chance against larger groups.

For PvP a new Mist Champion has arrived, Tybalt Leftpaw. This apple loving champion will help bring more defense to your team while making his way to destroy your opponent.

New world and raid boss decorations that will be available for our guild hall. When you kill a world or raid boss you will receive tokens that will allow us to buy brand new decorations from the decoration vendor inside our guild halls.

And my favorite of the bunch, the Shatter will be unleashed. That is right, the dragon lieutenant of Kraklkatorrik will be entirely revamped and will be more in line with that of our favorite loot teaser, Tequatl and the every so fustrating Triple Trouble wurms. Look forward to beating your head against this crystalline dragon as we work to figure out how to beat him.

This will all be dropping to us in two weeks on Jan 26.

Other big events that will be releasing later this year will include but not limited to:

The Lunar Year Festival that will arrive on Feb 9. This is a great event to work towards maxing out your magic find and can be quite profitable if you find yourself lucky.

The next wing of the raid, Salvations Pass, will be released after that as we continue to investigate the fate of the missing Pact squad. Here’s hoping we can get there before it drops.

The next PvP league will start Feb 23 that will include new rewards to earn and a reset of the leaderboards.

The Living World Season Three will start this year and will continue where we left off at the end of Heart of Thorns.

With this we have alot to look forward to this year with Guild Wars 2 and i look forward to sharing it with y’all.

See you in Tyria!


Tybalt! Yay!

I was surprised that the fractals thing was only quality of life changes. Maybe the next set of empty promises will be detailed later in the year…


Being able to switch on and off autotargeting, depending on the build, using a keybind is going to be amazing!