The Strategy & Co. ESO Guild (NA, AD, Volendrung)

Strategy & Co. is an exclusive gaming community currently focused on Elder Scrolls Online (AD, Volendrung Campaign). We aim to create the foundation for mature, strategically-minded, and enjoyable guilds and player organizations.

NA, Aldmeri Dominion, Volendrung

Our members share knowledge off the field, help each other on the field, understand when to be serious, when to be casual, host game events, and foster engagement. If that sounds like something you would like to be a part of, read on.

Becoming a Member

Membership is currently open. Any full-fledged member can invite new members. If you know someone who is a member, ask them to vouch for you and send you an invite. You are also welcome to sign up for a new member account.

Depending on your entry, you will be granted an initial trust level (see below).


  • Age 18+
  • Minimum level 15
  • Activity on this forum
  • Activity in our voice comms (Mumble)

I’m new here, what should I do?

It’s always nice to just jump right in but if you’re feeling particularly OCD about your participation here, these steps will maximize your intro to this here bad ass community of cool kids:

  1. Finish reading this!
  2. Post an introduction in the… introduction thread.
  3. If you have Steam, join the Steam Group.
  4. Get on Mumble and say hello.
  5. Pour yourself an adult beverage.
  6. Browse, post, reply, like, star, make friends, 0wn n00bs (but don’t spell it like that).

Trust Levels

If you have signed up without an invite, you start at zero. You will be able to generate trust (automatically) by participating in discussions. You are limited to replies and can not upload new image assets. The first thing you should do is post an introduction.

Vouched for members have an initial trust level of 1, meaning they can see most categories, reply to threads, and start new topics.

Further progression comes with the same engagement on the forums and is given automatically by the system. We use this to assess access to in-game banks, access to assets, etc.


If you have questions or you’re looking for an invite, these people might be a good start.


Check out the post for our pic megathread. Add some pics of all the good times in TESO

###Grand Master and Master Craftsman Roster

View or sign up for one of our Grand Master or Master crafting positions.

TESO Guild Invites

If you are looking for an invite to the guild in game make a post [here][7].

Werewolf or Vampire bites.

We generally like to hand out WW and vamp bites to guildies who are interested for free. If you enjoy sparkling in the sunlight or running around the woods with your shirt off you can [request a bite][8].

Post your build!

Are you the best f*#king nightblade there is or a healer that would make Jesus himself jealous? Then [share your build][9] with your guild mates so we can all be as awesome as you and we can be the most awesome guild in the universe. All class builds welcome.

[7]: ESO Guild Invites, post here!)
[8]: Bites, WW and Vamp
[9]: Post your super awesome epic build! All classes!


I am neither….

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