The Strategy & Co. Planetside 2 Outfit - NA Mattherson TR

Strategy & Co is an exclusive and ever expanding gaming community for the casual and hardcore alike. We aim to create the foundation for mature, strategically-minded, and enjoyable guilds and player organizations. As such one of the games we chose to focus upon is Planetside 2.
Join us now and be part of Strategy and Company!

NA, Mattherson, Terran Republic

Our members share knowledge off the field, help each other on the field, understand when to be serious, when to be casual, host game events, and foster engagement. If that sounds like something you would like to be a part of, read on.

Becoming a Member

Membership is currently invite only. Any full-fledged member can invite new members. If you know someone who is a member, ask them to vouch for you and send you an invite.

Otherwise, you are welcome to sign up for a new member account which will be held for authorization. We generally approve new members in waves or in the event that we open membership again, your account will be enabled and you will receive an email.

-After registering an account, reply to this thread with your IN GAME name and send an invite to Majormodo or any member of the outfit as everyone can invite-

Depending on your entry, you will be granted an initial trust level (see below).


Age 18+
Activity on this forum
Activity in our voice comms (Mumble)

Trust Levels

If you have signed up without an invite, you start at zero. You will be able to generate trust (automatically) by participating in discussions. You are limited to replies and can not upload new image assets. The first thing you should do is post an introduction.

Vouched for members, have an initial trust level of 1, meaning they can see most categories, reply to threads, and start new topics.

Further progression comes with the same engagement on the forums and is given automatically by the system. We use this to assess access to higher ranks within the Outfit.


If you have questions or you’re looking for an invite, these people might be a good start.

@Vocino - in game name Vocino -
@Majordomo - In game name Yavuza -

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I’m down

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So is Mattherson the official choice? Also did you find anything out about character transfers?

Character transfer isn’t possible. I assume they are worried about the logistics of people mass-transferring from a server and leaving a ghost town or something.

Also, is Mattherson decided? Would like to get a character started for a bit so it isn’t completely useless.

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Damn. Well at least my purchased items carry over. I have to think of a new name now.

Mattherson is official - i know i went back and forth but after talking with everyone last night we agreed on mattherson -

Character transfer scheduled for way into the future nothing right now -

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Count me in.

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So Matherson no longer exists. I logged on today to find that I had been moved to a server called Emerald. Turns out that they pushed a patch and merged the servers. Anyways all of the servers have a low population and the game won’t even let me log into my former character on the Matherson server. What gives?

Yeah there have been quite a lot of changes on Planetside in the last couple months.

So where do we go from here? Stay on Emerald?