The Tief was here!



Hi Guys and gals and furries and aliens and anything else I’ve missed.

My name is Kalel!( Yes i was named after superman…) 29 year old gamer from Miami Florida. Still single unfortunately.
I was swaping paterons out when i stumbled onto yours. I’ve been community hopping for a while now and hoping to make more friends that play more of a variety then just survival games! -.-
i’m primarily a pc gamer( My steam is close to 500 last i checked) Current obsession with Modded minecraft but i’m up for anything as long as i’m not playing by myself. i’m also a fan of RTS, FPS, Fighting games. I have a xbox one and ps4 as well. i’m not much of a talker, but silent ones tend to be the most deadly.

My primary gamer tag across everything is fowltief



Welcome to the site. Hope your experience here is a good one.


Welcome to :strats_green: @fowltief! Feel free to grab a :beer: or :cocktail: from the bar. Heck, grab :beers: seeing as you’re already a Patron and supporting the community.


Hey hey hey, welcome aboard!!


Welcome to the party and thanks for supporting! I believe @Biff_Tannen is one of our bigger survival games players, and there are a handful of people like @dontcallmejames and @Dynamible playing PUBG if that’s your thing. There’s also a Terraria server rolling right now compliments of @Wheatception. Let us know if you have any questions or run into any issues :wink:


I am just getting back into vanilla minecraft since they have been rolling out some new content lately!


Welcome! :strats_blue: :strats_green:


Welcome to Strats!! :slight_smile:


@AiKiller, maybe another guinea pig for your mod?


I’m still playing the FTB Monster mods we played before.


welcome! :smiley:


welcome to the group! and thanks for supporting right out of the gate!


Welcome aboard!


Welcome man! May direct your attention to this.


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