The time i played with C9 fREAKAZOiD



So I’m Gold Nova 3 and i’ve heard Summit say on stream you should be no less than Double AK if you want to play ESEA. I figured i would be fine to use it at my skill level because i play with my Double AK - DMG friends quite often. I was on the edge of buying it when i played a MM against 5 spinbotters and was demoted at the end. I was pretty frustrated at that and bought a sub to ESEA because it has excellent anti cheat.

So I launch ESEA and queue up for Dust 2, Mirage, and Inferno, the three maps i’m best at. After a few minutes of waiting the queue is done and I Ready up and join. I get into the game and immediately notice something weird, in the top right of the scoreboard it says “1747 Viewers”. On the same team as me i notice a guy named fREAKAZOiD. I go to his profile and find it’s actually him. My first game of ESEA, i was matched in a lobby with Global Elites and a Pro Player streaming for 1.7k viewers.

I ended up getting only 3 kills the whole game, and had a few embarrassing moments on stream. One guy on our team was screaming and being hilarious the whole time. I was both nervous as hell and laughing non stop from this guy, making it pretty tough to aim, not to mention I was way under the level of everyone else.

Luckily, my favorite moment of this mess was caught perfectly on stream.


So, how big are your “fucking fingers?” :wink:


LOL greek man. that guy is annoyingly funny.

glad you had a good time man, looked like soem real fun tehre


Greek screaming at everything and Freak being totally chill made the game pretty damn fun, despite getting destroyed left and right.


and taht’s pretty cool that freak was cool about it. It’s nice to see some of you’re fav pro players play games for fun sometimes.