The time is near



A little birdie told me last night that later this weekend we will begin our EPIC construction of our Strats uber city. With that in mind i would like to point out a few things and make a few points clear. We have some incredibly talented and creative people in our group who will be building massive and awe inspiring structures. To build those structures is going to take ALOT of raw and cooked/baked ore and minerals. I have been appointed head of the mining of said materials and along with @tommy2118 we will be building the infastructure to a very efficient and reliable way of getting the raw materials into your hands. There will be NO mining or defacing of the landscape where we will build the city…so as such @Auth has picked out a region very far away from the build where @tommy2118 and i will be setting up our operation. I will be mining non stop from the moment @Auth opens up the location to me to start stockpiling mats for you all to use.

With all that said i want to share how we are going to get the ore you need into your hot little hands :smile:
@Auth has picked out a massive mountain range that i plan on leveling to bedrock to provide you with mats. we will be building a rail system to get the mats from the mountain to the nearest transport post. At the post we will be building massive furnaces to bake any ore you request and have them all sorted into a massive chest area. It is at this area that you will be coming to pick up your mats (the mining site and city are over 10000 blocks apart so this is the only viable way of getting you what you need. Everything we mine…dirt…stone…granite…gold…iron…diamonds…etc etc will all be sorted and placed in these chests for your use.

So with that in mind i need your input on what type of mats you will be using so i can make sure you have what you need. If you know what you will be building with please leave a post here with what you would like and i will do my best to make sure you have it available to you. This is going to be a huge operation and please be patient if it takes me a few hours to get you what you need.

I will update my post on a regular basis so please check back often for more info!! So start thinking about what you want to build and what mats you need and let me know!!


I vote for the obvious. Tons of stone bricks, andersite, granite, clay, and other blocks. I would also suggest we save the Redstone and lapiz for colorful blocks.


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sorry @Vocino im not very creative so i just type what i want to say :smile:


I’m going to need Lapus, Redstone, Stone, White Stone, Granite, Glass, and dyes.


if we have materials such as granite, diorite, andesite, and such from mining our own claims that we are not using, can we donate them?


@Wayne_Holsclaw of course you can.


Where should we bring them?


@Wayne_Holsclaw give your donations to Droul at /visit deadzone.


okay, i will gather them this evening and deliver them. I have several stacks but i figure every little bit helps and I’m certainly not doing anything with it.


To be clear on the resource allocation for the city:

It is OK to donate from your personal resources to the city’s materials; it is not OK to take anything from the city’s strip mine for personal builds


Is there a desert that we’ll be able to mine for glass and sandstone? I also may be able to help supplement peoples wood requirements.


Understood. I would never think to do such a thing but I can see why one would want to clarify.


Oh yeah, that wasn’t directed towards you, just figured the statement needed to be out there :wink:


Can I get some coal made into blocks. I can supply charcoal in its place.


you bet bro…i will start stockpiling it for you.


How many do you need?


Thanks, when I get home I can deliver some charcoal to keep your smelters running.