The ultimate VR gaming experience





That’s about what I was thinking @epyon415


that’s cool, but unfortunately the body will still have to deal with gravity in the normal sense, so it may even feel awkward. for instance, the flying that was shown in the demo - you just won’t experience the g-forces that you would be if you were actually doing these stunts. and then if you think about games like star citizen or any space-sim for that matter. you should feel relatively no gravity at all. ok, /negative-nancy.

i’m sure if i was some billionaire with a spare room to fill, i’d still buy it, gravity aside.


You don’t have to replicate the sensation to 100% accuracy if you have the visuals connecting the dots with your brain. This is what rides like Star Tours do pretty successfully. The orientation is not always 1:1 with the visuals, for example you might do a reverse spin in order to simulate weightlessness using centrifugal force.


yeah, you’re right. i guess i forget the human brain is pretty easy to trick sometimes.


all that and they gave them a freaking controller? why not give them a real steering wheel after building something like that?