The video series isn't finished yet, but it is THE definitive weapon guide for Monster Hunter World



Link to the playlist

They are all out; bask in the glory!

A Crap Guide is back, but this time he's doing DnD 5e videos!

Dat sheathe + punish draw tho.

Slaps too.


Can anyone recommend a real guide that would bring someone that had never played a Monster Hunter game up to speed?


This guy’s videos on the weapons are very helpful. Auth and I sat down and watched all his weapon ones last week or so.


This guy talks way too fast to even understand if he is funny or not.


I put all 14 of his weapon tutorials together in a playlist so you don’t have to search through all his uploads:

^ That set of videos is truly amazing (not quite as amazing as the OP’s series, but still pretty good :stuck_out_tongue_winking_eye:)


I can’t see the OP’s switchaxe video getting any more accurate really.


That’s what I tried to tell @Vocino: these videos are all you need, but he wanted a second opinion.


FFS, charge blade is not that hard. You hit, you store into phials, you switch into axe mode, you AED cancel into a red shield, then you hit some more, store into phials again, then convert into axe mode and then use the phials in axe mode to hit but canceling your SAEDs into AEDs so not to lose the red shield because then you can GP and bash to charge some more energy and–

Okay, it’s a little complicated.


I mean, he covered it in its entirety in ~2 minutes, so it’s obviously not too bad.


Already posted it to the discord, but I think it’s worth it to link to the Swaxe MANifesto, especially considering the Crap video does reference it. It’s the first response in that Reddit.


For the record, I consider myself pretty proficient with the charge blade and yet I think both hunting horn and insect glaive to be way above my paygrade.


We should get the SnS video soon; my body is ready.

It’s up!