The X-Files - (Premieres) TONIGHT!


As someone who thoroughly enjoyed a good conspiracy theory, and was a dedicated viewer of the original Unsolved Mysteries, I absolutely loved The X-Files (well at least the early years). In fact, my Friday nights were always arranged around the newest episode (you could say I didn’t have much of a social life).

While I understand that the show tried to continue beyond it’s shelf life and turned into a shell of it’s former self, even in it’s end of life cycle hearing the theme fire up on the spirit box got me thinking nostalgically. So when I heard that Chris Carter & FOX were bringing it back for a short episode arc, with Duchovny & Anderson, I was pretty darn stoked. I just had to give it time and I’d be back out there hoping that agents Mulder & Scully eventually find the truth.

Well, the wait is finally over!

Premiering tonight on FOX (or CTV up here in Canada), we get to discover what Mulder has been up to over the past 8 years since that horrible attempt at a second movie. Has he found his sister? What’s the good word with Toombs? Is the hype worth the squeeze? All should be answered in due time. Or hopefully six episodes.

Anyone out there as excited as I am?


I have actually been rewatching the x-files recently :slight_smile:


I actually started from episode one on Netflix a few weeks back. Just ran out of time to catch up on the series before tonight.


I’m already behind on this! Having to avoid conversations at work.


Bruce Willis was dead the whole time!


I just finished the first season. I may just jump stright to this since watching 8 more season may take another 8 months haha


My workplace is freaking spoiler zone - people that sit around me know no boundaries. If there’s ANYTHING I think they might talk about, I have to watch it or wear my headset all day.

Gosh darn it!

I actually think you won’t have an issue jumping in at this point. Granted, you might have a few references missing, but unless they do introduce plot lines from the past beyond what season one already sets up, it could be used as a standalone series.