The Zen of Chen (Best practices for playing Chen in Heroes of the Storm)



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It seems like Chen Stormstout might be a little misunderstood. And after hearing comments on Mumble last night it’s not just Vocino that wants him to die in a fire. So while it’s free Chen week let’s take a moment to evaluate this hero.

Chen is about cooldowns and area-of-effect. The cooldowns on his abilities are all 5 seconds. Essentially you want to initiate with Q, then target W so that you slow as many targets around you, then ignite them with E (bonus if they are affected by W).

Once you’ve dropped that initial burst (60 of your 100 total brew) you still have enough brew to perform Q-E again, or you can press D to start channeling your brew back while also shielding you. This will protect from the enemy attack while your team moves in to handle things.

Chen gets useful talents such as Swift Reflexes (dodge) or Amplified Healing to keep him alive while chugging, and Ring of Fire creates a fire aura for a few seconds after you use E.

Let’s give Chen a chance!

I’ve also found a guide/gameplay video of Chen to help educate.


Fightin Cowboy hypes the hell out of Chen. I clearly remember being more impressed with the video than my experience with Chen.


Poor Chen. I will give him another chance.


Now that’s he’s free I’ll definitely give him a whirl for a couple of games


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I bought him when he came out. He’s been a long time favorite since I unlocked him in WCIII on my first play through. I still need the damned action figure though. (Probably the only figure I’ll ever get)

He’s not hard to play, and if you want to practice, go vs the AI or co-op vs AI. You can make mistakes and it wont make many people angry.


I think this is good advice in general for any new hero you try. Play at least one game vs AI so you can get a feel for how a character is, plus guides usually make more sense after you’ve played the character once.