Thegush1 Would Like to Join the Team!


Hello all!

My name is Kris, but I’m better known as theGush1 on Twitch. I’m a 28 year old dad/husband and I stream many games, especially new releases. The majority of my streaming right now is Destiny. I interact with my viewers and try to respond to each and every one of my viewers’ questions. I show respect and I feel as though I can be pretty funny. I also will invite viewers to play with me (raids, strikes, multiplayer games, etc) if they would like to.

I would really like to join the team so I can possibly receive more viewers. Only having 1-2 viewers/stream is very depressing, especially because I think my streams are pretty entertaining (according to my 100+ followers).

Thank you guys for your time and see you on Twitch!


Welcome, you’re gonna love it here! I’ll check out your next stream, it can get discouraging when you have a bunch of followers and not alot of viewers but hang in there :slight_smile:


Thanks man! I really appreciate it! Probably going to be a pretty boring stream today, but I’ll be on! Follow me at and check out my past highlights. Some I may not talk much in due to having 0 viewers (lol). But trust me, I do interact!!


Hello Kris, welcome to!

Lots of dads here (include me, as a new dad). Everyone’s been talking me into going back to Destiny. It’s so strong right now.


I took a break for a while. The Taken King is a whole different game and def worth looking into! Addicted yet again.


Hey mate, welcome to the party! Let us know if you have any questions or run into any issues :wink:


When will my invite be sent? Thanks!!


Welcome to the dark side!


Welcome man! Glad to see a fellow father/streamer/guardian(Destiny lol) here! Make sure you hit up our Destiny clan page do we can bring you in. Like @Vocino said we have a strong Destiny team going. Are you on ps4 or xbone?


PS4. Def interested.


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